Resident Transfer
The most common process for selection of learners into Residency Programs at the University of Manitoba is via the CaRMS match.  However, there are a number of alternate routes of entry into Residency Programs, which are governed by the Alternate Resident Entry & Transfer Subcommittee (ARETS).

Below is a brief summary of the major alternate routes of entry/transfer.

Note for Program Administrators: For instructions and procedures relating to alternate routes of entry, please refer to the Administrative Processes Page.

Before you initiate contact with a program regarding any of these options, please review the following policies for detailed application instructions.

PGME Alternate Routes of Entry to Residency Policy

AFMC National Transfer Guidelines 

  1. Internal Transfer
    Transfer between two different residency programs within the University of Manitoba
    Initial contact for Internal Transfers: Chair of the ARETS committee to discuss the potential transfer
  2. Interprovincial/National Transfer
    Transfer in to a UofM residency program,  from a program in a different province
    Initial contact for Interprovincial/National Transfers: Associate Dean, PGME of the home (current) institution
  3. External Transfer
    Transfer out of a UofM residency program, to a program in a different province
    Initial contact for External Transfers: Associate Dean, PGME, UofM

General eligibility criteria for transfer:

  • No transfer applications will be formally considered until six (6) months after the commencement of the Residency Program (in general, the January following the start of the academic year)
  • Transfers within the last six (6) months of a Residency Program will not normally be accepted, except in cases where the Residency Programs significantly overlap (e.g. Family Medicine and Community Medicine)
  • Resident matched through the second iteration of the CaRMS Match are not eligible for transfer in the PGY 1 year.

Fully licensed physicians who have practiced for a minimum of 12 consecutive months in Manitoba may be re-entered into a residency program. This enables practicing physicians to switch practice for many reasons including changes in professional interests, evolving personal circumstances, or reduced employment prospects.
Initial contact for Re-Entry: Chair of the UofM ARETS committee to discuss the potential re-entry.