PGME Accreditation

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and the College des medecins due Quebec have partnered together to establish the new Canadian Residency Accreditation Consortium (CanRAC) for Canadian residency education.  The new accreditation standards for both the Institutions and Programs.

General Standard of Accreditation for Residency Programs

General Standards of Accreditation for Institutions with Residency Programs

The new conjoint accreditation processes and standards will:

  • Align accreditation with educational design of both Triple C (Comprehensive, focused on continuity of education and patient care, and centered in family medicine)
  • Align with education continuum
  • Align with the Future of Medical Education in Canada (FMEC)
  • Increase focus on outcomes while maintaining essential process markers of program and institution quality

PGME will offer multiple approaches to help programs familiarize themselves with, and adopt, the new General Standards of Accreditation for Residency Programs.

Future Accreditation site visits

The on-site visit from the RCPSC and CFPC will take place the week of November 21-27, 2021 for PGME Programs. 

Save the Dates!

PGME Accreditation Roadmap

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PGME Accreditation Team

Associate Dean, PGME
Dr Cliff Yaffe

Assistant Dean, PGME Accreditation
Dr Kurt Skakum

Wendi Charette

Accreditation Administrator
Alyn Yoon