PGME SharePoint
About the Site

In January 2017, the PGME office launched the new SharePoint site to manage internal communications and share electronic documents using secure login. Users can access information from anywhere, on any device. Our goal is that our new sharepoint website is a user-friendly resource for Postgraduate Program Administrators and Directors. We hope you find our password-protected site not only informative, but also easy to navigate.

We have added information related to Accreditation, Communications/Change Notifications, PGME Committees, Policies and Procedures, Competency Based Education, and more. Some examples of what to find on SharePoint include:

  • Information about the work of our committees and expert groups can be found in the "Committee" folder
  • Up-to-date information regarding the imminent changes with Competency Based Education and CanRac reform can be found in the "Resources" folder
  • Templates for letters of offer or contracts for accepting Visa sponsored trainees or Clinical Fellows can be found in the "Resources" folder

Program Directors who participate in the PGME Competency Based Education, Policy Development or Accreditation Sub Committees will also have access to working documents for those committees.

How to Access

A UMNetID and authorization from PGME is required to access SharePoint.

  1. Ensure you have an active UMNetID
    Most faculty and staff will already have a UMNetID, used for computer or JUMP access.
    If you do not have a UMNetID, please contact PGME.
  2. Request SharePoint access
    Contact PGME to request access to the PGME SharePoint Site
  3. Log on
    Once you receive a response from PGME, log on through or by clicking the "SharePoint Log In" button to the right of this screen.
  4. SharePoint is best accessed using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
Important Log-in Notes
  • All Medicine domain (MED) account users should login with their MED account, “med\UMNetID”.
  • Users without a Medicine domain account may use their Administrative domain (AD) account, “ad\UMNetID” to access the site. Please note that AD user accounts are controlled by IST at Fort Gary so please contact For Gary IST for support with password issues.
Need help?

Please direct all help requests to the IST group.

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