Program Director Resources
New Program Director Handbook

Remediation & Probation Resources  

Remediations and probations are typically very challenging for Program Directors.  Stakes are high, timelines are short, and trainees are vulnerable. The Education Advisory Committee (EAC) is a standing committee of engaged educators who have expertise in this area. Program Directors are encouraged to reach out to the chair or a member for advice as soon as they realize that they have a resident who is struggling.

Continuing Professional Development

Office of Educational & Faculty Development

The Office of Educational and Faculty Development provides evidence-informed educational expertise to support the development of:

  • Educational curricula and programs
  • Faculty development programs
  • Evaluation tools and assessment strategies
  • Research and scholarly activity in health sciences education.

The Office of Educational and Faculty Development in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences is a resource for promoting excellence in teaching and scholarship across the continua of health professions education. Through evidence-informed practice, Office members engage in and support curriculum development and innovation; educational research and program evaluation; and faculty development activities that assist faculty members in their roles as educators, researchers and administrators.

Educational Development
Educational development involves a number of activities that may work together or in isolation. These activities include developing curriculum; faculty development; knowledge translation; supporting and leading change efforts; promoting scholarship and scholarly practice; and offering research-based consultation to others engaged in curricular reform, teaching improvement, or program evaluation.

Faculty Development
Faculty development involves the provision of workshops, training and mentoring to support faculty members in their various roles. Every year we offer a series of lunch time sessions, workshops and short courses. We also offer custom workshops for programs based on requests.

Research in medical education brings change, evidence, innovation, and some might say, disruption. Among other projects, the Office’s Research Team is involved in evaluating curriculum renewal (UGME) and will play an active role in evaluating the implementation and outcomes of CBME.