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How can physicians and faculty get involved with CIP?

Be a Research Supervisor

CIP Research Supervisors are ideally established Clinician Investigators with University affiliation (any university, not exclusively University of Manitoba). To discuss eligibility or interest in taking on the role of a resident's Research Supervisor in CIP, feel free to contact the Program Director, Dr. Shayne Taback, at any time.

Join the CIP Residency Program Committee (RPC)

The CIP RPC meets 4 - 6 times per year and is responsible for ensuring effective administration of the CIP including the development and implementation of the CIP curriculum, program goals and objectives, CIP policies, and evaluation documents, maintaining mechanisms for career counseling, stress management, and appeals, and ensuring that the program meets or exceeds the general standards of accreditation.

Since CIP does not use CaRMs, an additional major role of the CIP RPC is the evaluation of all applicants every November and the selection and approval of successful candidates.

Encourage research in your field

  • Ensure all the residents in your program are aware of the opportunity to participate in CIP
  • Encourage individual research, even if residents aren't participating in CIP, there are lots of resources available through the Resident Research Pages linked below:

Resident Research Home Page

Resident Research Resources

Faculty Resources for Resident Research

CIP Administrator
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Dr. Shayne Taback, MD. FRCPC 
CIP Program Director
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