Physician Assistant Shadowing Program

With COVID-related restrictions in our healthcare facilities, the Physician Assistant Shadowing Program is currently on hold. We will provide update on this site, and hope to be able to resume accepting applications at a later date.  

About the PA-SP 

The Physician Assistant Shadowing Program (PA-SP) was developed to facilitate early clinical exposures for students wishing to pursue a formal education as a PA.  Given the limited time/human resources available to accommodate the surge in students requesting “shadowing” experience, this brief information package was created in order to streamline the process.  Furthermore, this process aims to select students who are truly committed to pursuing further education as a PA and are already well underway in their undergraduate academic programs.
What is “Shadowing”?  

As per the PA-SP, “shadowing” refers to a clinical exposure in which a student accompanies an experienced PA during regular work hours.  This includes observing and interacting in a multitude of clinical settings ranging from hospital operating rooms to community clinics.  Students are to complete six (6) hours of shadowing experience.  Experience will be recognized by a letter confirming their attendance within one week of completing shadowing experience.  Letter may be used as official “proof” of participation when applying to a PA educational program.  

Eligibility for the PA-SP 

Students must be enrolled or have completed a Four-Year undergraduate Bachelor’s degree.  All students are expected to complete a two-page letter of intent prior to being granted any shadowing time.

The purpose of the PA-SP is to expose students to the PA working culture; elicit student self-reflection on academic and career goals; and provide an opportunity for students to network with current PAs prior to applying to the PA education program.
Professional Expectation 

Students granted a shadowing experience are expected to dress and behave in a professional manner at all times. Students are not to participate in any unsupervised activities or patient interactions.  Job shadowing experience will be terminated for violation of these requirements.  The PA-SP reserves the right to disclose any concerning or unprofessional behavior to the student’s University/Academic program.  
Application Process: 

The following documents must accompany your application to be considered for PA-SP

  • Official Academic Transcript or official letter from the Registrar’s Office confirming enrolment 
  • Letter of Intent – Maximum 2 pages (12-point font, double spaced, with normal margins)
    • Why does the PA profession interest you as a career choice? 
    • What do you intend to gain from a shadowing experience? 
    • How has your undergraduate work prepared you for a career in healthcare? 
  • Shadowing Contract – Information and Agreement for Persons Job Shadowing (English;French) 
Application Submissions  

Submit completed application to Denise Langendorfer, Human Resource Consultant, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA). Scan and upload all required documentation as a single PDF file.  Final Submission Checklist provided below.

Checklist for Final Submission

  • PA-SP package reviewed and understood.
  • Eligibility, academic requirements, and expectations reviewed and understood.
  • Letter of intent completed.
  • Supporting academic documents included (i.e. transcript or letter).
  • Shadowing contract reviewed, understood, and signed.