Welcome to the University of Manitoba International Medical Graduate Program

Our aim is to provide accessible programs that will enable IMGs to practice medicine in underserviced areas of Manitoba. Our programs have grown over the years with many IMGs practicing medicine and living in Manitoba.  IMGs are an important part of medical services delivery in Manitoba.

What is the University of Manitoba International Medical Graduate Program?

The IMG program:

  • Offers competitive merit-based programs
  • Assesses or trains IMGs
  • Provides orientation programs
  • Prepares IMGs to work independently in underserviced areas in Manitoba

Who are the programs for?

The IMG program is for:
  • IMGs who want to work in Manitoba
  • IMGs who have completed their postgraduate training with rotations that are acceptable to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM), the licensing body
  • IMGs who meet our eligibility requirements

The IMG program is not for:

  • IMGs who have not done their residency with acceptable rotations
  • IMGs seeking a full residency
  • IMGs seeking to be trained or undergo assessment to work in other provinces

What programs do the University of Manitoba offer to IMGs?

  • There are 2 streams for family medicine in rural Manitoba:
    • assessment program for IMGs who are ready to practice medicine independently (PRA MB-FP) (formerly IMGACL)
    • training program for IMG physicians who require some training (MLPIMG)
  • Medical specialists:
    • assessment program for medical specialists (PRA MB-SP) (formerly NRSAP) 
  • Other programs
    • orientation program (Orientation)
    • physician support/mentorship program (IMGMCE)
  • How do I  apply to the IMG Program?

    • These are competitive programs with limited training/assessment spots
    • IMGs will interact with different health and government bodies as they apply and enter into our programs
    • the University of Manitoba IMG Program for admissions and the IMG programs
    • the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM), the licensing body which provides the licensing/registration required to undergo assessment/training
    • the Manitoba HealthCare Providers Network - supports recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals to deliver health care services in Manitoba and coordinates sponsorship opportunities within RHAs 

     Fees and program costs

    • There are currently no fees for these programs
    • The cost of training and salary during assessment or training are provided by sponsoring RHA
    • IMGs cannot pay or sponsor themselves through the program
    • IMGs will practice medicine in medically underserviced areas in Manitoba for return of service.


    Last Update: July, 2020