Curriculum development

How we can help you

The OEFD can help with curriculum development, including organizational change and development to support curriculum.

Developing or redesigning a course can be a daunting task that includes many steps. The OEFD provides support for curriculum development and redevelopment for the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. We can assist you at any stage of the curriculum development process, including:

  • Developing course objectives
  • Determining the content to be included in the course based on the course objectives
  • Selecting sequencing strategies to organize course content
  • Determining the pace at which content will be taught/learned throughout the course
  • Developing session objectives
  • Selecting instructional strategies and resources that best meet the session objectives
  • Developing assessment strategies that best meet the session and course objectives
  • Writing a course syllabus that encompasses this information
  • Evaluating and revising your course once it has been delivered

A meeting can be scheduled with one of our educational specialists to discover how we can help you.