MMI & Panel Interview General Questions
What is the Multiple Mini Interview?
  • The Multiple Mini Interview consists of 11 question/scenario stations and 1 rest station. Ten of the scenarios are held one on one with an interviewer. One scenario is a written station.
  • The interviews last for two hours, however, the total time spent with other activities will be approximately four hours.

When will I know if I am invited to interview?

  • Interview invites are sent by email in early January.

How can I prepare for the Multiple Mini Interviews?

  • Practice debating issues in the news with friends and family.
  • Book a spot in the Med Mock MMI held by the Med 1 students.
  • Practice general interview techniques like speech patterns, facial expressions and body language.
  • Attend the information session in February.

What is the day of the MMI like?

  • You will be assigned to a goup of Med 1 students and sequestered from contact with the other MMI groups.
  • When you arrive you need a piece of photo ID. You do not need to bring anything else. We will have a coat room to leave your belongings, but you are not permitted to bring anything into the MMI other than what we give you.
  • You will receive a clipboard which the registration desk will explain to you when you arrive. You will also receive a pen and a bottle of water. You will be assigned a group and you will stay with them for the entire time.
  • Just before the MMI begins, you will receive a full orientation to the process and have a chance for last minute questions.
  • It is a long day with a lot of standing and walking. Be professional, but comfortable.

How does the Indigenous Panel Interview work?

  • Applicants to the Indigenous Pool with meet with a panel of four interviewers.
  • Applicants will be required to submit an autobiographical essay prior to the interview which the panel will review.
  • The panel has access to the autobiographical information and reference letters of all applicants to the Indigenous Applicant Pool.
  • The panel interview committee consists of a chairperson appointed by the Admissions Committee, two practicing physicians or clinician scientists, and an undergraduate medical student.
  • At least two members of the committee shall be of Aboriginal ancestry.
  • The interview will take between 30-50 minutes.
  • It is recommended you arrange your panel interview on a different day from your MMI.