Student Loans and Bursaries

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Canada/Provincial Student Financial Assistance (“Government Student Aid”)

Applications for government student aid are open annually in middle to late June. We strongly encourage all students who require financial assistance to apply for assistance through your provincial government aid agency. Applying for government assistance will increase your opportunity to receive a bursary or travel bursary for electives and conferences. Also depending on your financial need, you may also be eligible for grant funding from your provincial government aid agency. Grant funding does not need to be re-paid (please refer to your provincial government aid agency website for further information on available funding).

Students who have exceeded their weeks of eligibility (as per their provincial government aid agency) may still be eligible for funding. For example, Manitoba Student Aid will accept an appeal application for students in this situation. In addition, the assessment students receive can still be used to increase your chances of bursary funding even in cases where no disbursements of government aid have been approved due to exceeding the weeks of eligibility.

You can apply for University of Manitoba General Bursary and Max Rady College of Medicine Supplemental Bursary without applying for government student aid. However, the assessment of self-declared information will undergo closer scrutiny with request for supplemental documentation. Also, ensure that you submit realistic financial information when completing your budget questions.

Apply for your Government Student Loan early (June/July/mid-August) to ensure that you receive your Government Notice of Assessment for the current aid year as soon as possible.

Fall – Winter Bursaries

MPAS and Medicine students can apply to the following bursary opportunities offered annually:

  • University of Manitoba General Bursary Application (MPAS & Medicine students)
  • Max Rady College of Medicine Supplemental Bursary program (Medicine students only)

Applications for the Fall – Winter Bursaries are open annually the first week of August and close October 1st, (if this falls on a weekend, the deadline date is the following Monday).  Application for bursaries are available online through your Aurora Student account.  Also, check to see if you may be eligible to apply for any of the other scholarships and bursaries advertised through the Financial Aid & Awards application webpage here.

If you have applied for government student aid through your home province, a complete copy of your final assessment must be submitted to the Financial Aid & Awards Office (422 University Centre, R3T 2N2) by the fall bursary deadline date.

As noted above, please ensure that you apply early for your government assistance so that your final assessment will be available before the bursary application deadline.  When completing the bursary application, please make sure to complete each section as required and submit the application.  You can continue to access your bursary application through Aurora Student until the deadline date but you MUST re-submit each time (even if you do not make any changes).