Dr. Bill Leslie, MD, MSc, FRCPC
I am a University of Manitoba geographic full time (GFT) clinical physician with primary appointment in the Department of Internal Medicine (Section of Endocrinology & Metabolism) and secondary appointment in the Department of Radiology (Section of Nuclear Medicine).  My clinical activities are currently related to nuclear medicine, PET scanning and thyroid cancer.  Although my job description does not provide salary support for protected research time, I have 300 peer-reviewed publications arising from my clinical research interests in fracture risk assessment, osteoporosis testing and other nuclear diagnostic techniques.

My career has involved extensive teaching at all levels within the Faculty of Medicine in addition to medical education administration.  For most of the 1990s I was responsible for Departmental and Faculty clinical education during clerkship and preclerkship, and was nominated four times for the Most Outstanding Clinician Award. I remain active in teaching students, residents, fellows, and non-medical graduate students through clinical training/supervision, preceptorship and mentoring.  I have contributed to educating and mentoring many trainees, many of whom are now staff physicians and in charge of the same education committees that I use to chair myself.   Over the last 10 years my clinical research activities have expanded, and I have been able to work with many students, residents and young investigators on a range of research projects.