Entrance Requirements
2021-2022 entrance requirements and program information (undergraduate)

Programs offered Interdisciplinary Health:
  • Health Sciences
  • Health Studies
  • Promoting holistic healthy living among individuals, communities and the world from a preventative approach.
  • Mix of basic and applied sciences.
  • Families, communities and culture and the impact of human health and well-being.

Program Questions? Contact: 

Alisa Claman, Academic Advisor
204-474-9759 | Alisa.Claman@umanitoba.ca

Karen Holmes, Academic Advisor
204-474-8992 | Karen.Holmes@umanitoba.ca

We are available for program questions by phone, e-mail, or an in-person appointment. 

Direct Entry Students can refer to the Interdisciplinary Health Program (Health Science/Health Studies) Admission information HERE.

If you are currently a high school student, or you have already graduated from high school but have completed fewer than 24 credit hours of post-secondary level study, you are eligible to take the direct entry route into IHP.

Advanced Entry Students can refer to the Interdisciplinary Health Program (Health Science/Health Studies) Admission information HERE.

Suggestions for Courses to take in High School:

Health Sciences Major

  • University Chemistry is a requirement, so take the pre-requisites, Chemistry 40S and Applied or Pre-calculus Math 40S.
  • University Anatomy, Physiology & Biology are required in this program.  University Biology will require Biology 40S, Math 40S, and Chemistry 40S.
  • You may complete your pre-professional work for programs such as Medicine, Law, Dentistry, or Medical Rehabilitation from the Health Sciences degree.

Health Studies Major

  • One or more of Biology or Chemistry 40S recommended.
  • Sociology, Psychology, and Anthropology courses are requirements, so having a broad background in these topics will help.


  • All programs will benefit from strong communication skills, knowledge of computers, and the ability to write and speak clearly.
  • All programs require Statistics, which requires any Math 40S, so keep your math skills strong.
  • High school Family Studies, and Foods and Nutrition courses are approved as entrance requirements to the University of Manitoba, so you might think about building your knowledge base in any of these areas.
  • All programs require a knowledge base in other areas as well. Courses from the social sciences, humanities, applied sciences, and science areas of the University will be included. Some of these University courses require the completion of high school courses as prerequisites.

Direct Entry:

  • Minimum of 60% in each course used for direct entry
  • Must meet the general University requirements
  • Including Manitoba high school graduation
  • Minimum of 5 full credits at the Grade 12 level (S, U, G)
  • Average of 85% or higher in final grades in 3 Grade 12 S or U courses, including:
  1. One of English or French 40S;
  2. Applied Mathematics 40S or Pre-Calculus Math 40S;
  3. Both Biology and Chemistry are recommended, or Physics or Computer Science 40S .

Entrance Requirements to University 1:

The general entrance requirements to the University of Manitoba (see the Undergraduate Calendar) or visit the U1 website.

General Admission following University 1:

  • A minimum grade point average of 2.5 (C+) in at least 24 credit hours (8 courses) of University 1 or equivalent.

This should include:

  • Six (6) credit hours from Arts, six (6) credit hours from Science.
  • The Faculty will select the top 80 applicants to each of the major areas of study according to adjusted grade point average.
  • September Admission - May 1st
  • January Admission – October 1st (some programs)

    Note: Students planning to enter the faculty do not need to take a written requirement in University 1. The written requirement (HNSC 2000W) is completed once you are in the faculty.

Students wishing to take a focused approach in University 1 should take the following:

Health Sciences
CHEM 1300                              Structure and Modeling in Chemistry
CHEM 1310                              Introduction to Physical Chemistry
PSYC 1200                               Introduction to Psychology
BIOL 1410 & 1412                    Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Body
BIOL 1020 & 1030                    Biology
STAT 1000                                Basic Statistical Analysis 1

Health Studies
SOC 1200                                   Introduction to Sociology
PSYC 1200                                 Introduction to Psychology
ANTH 1210 or ANTH 1220         Human Origins and Antiquity/Cultural Anthropology
FMLY 1012                                 Introduction to Social Development
STAT 1000                                  Basic Statistical Analysis 1
Six credit hours of Science Electives

Leaving University 1:

You must apply to transfer into the Faculty by completing an application form online. The deadline to apply is May 1 of each year.

Please note:

  • The programs that will require High school Biology 40S for *BIOL 1020: Biology 1 Principles and Themes at the university level are:
       Health Sciences

    If students do not take high school Biology 40S, there is an option to take *BIOL 1000: Biology Foundations of Life at the University of Manitoba.  This will be an acceptable pre-requisite to enter *BIOL 1020: Biology 1 Principles and Themes.  
  • If you are missing any high school Math or Science (Chemistry) course requirement, the university offers equivalent courses for upgrading and/or to meet university prerequisites.  For example, Preparatory Chemistry CHEM 0900 or Math Skills through Extended Education. 

International Students:

International students interested in applying for admission to the Health Sciences/Health Studies degree should consult with University of Manitoba Undergraduate Admissions-International - click to visit their website.

The International Centre at the University of Manitoba is another good resource - click to visit thier website.