The electives lists below apply to ALL students enrolled in the IHP program prior to September 1, 2018.

Sciences Orientation Electives:

(Senate Approved May 2016.)

Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
FOOD 4150 Food Microbiology 1
FOOD 4540 Functional Foods and Neutraceuticals

HNSC 2130 Nutrition through the Life Cycle
HNSC 2140 Basic Principles of Human Nutrition
HNSC 3300 Vitamins and Minerals in Human Health
HNSC 3310 Macronutrients and Human Health
HNSC 3320 Nutrition Education and Dietary Change
HNSC 3342 Management for Food and Nutrition Professionals
HNSC 3870 Food Geographies (cross-listed with GEOG 3870)   
HNSC 4290 Food, Nutrition and Health Policies
HNSC 4300 Community Nutrition Intervention
HNSC 4310 Nutrition and the Elderly
HNSC 4340 Maternal and Child Nutrition
HNSC 4350 Nutrition in Exercise and Sport
HNSC 4540 Functional Foods and Neutraceuticals

Faculty of Arts
PSYC 2290 Child Development
PSYC 2360 Brain and Behaviour
PSYC 2490 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 3430 Sensory Process

I H Asper School of Business
MIS 2000 Information Systems for Management
MIS 3500 Database Management Systems
MIS 3510 Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 3520 Data Communications and Knowledge

Clayton H Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources
EER 1000 Earth:  A User’s Guide     

ENVR 1000 Environmental Science 1: Concepts
ENVR 3400 Introduction to Environment and Health
ENVR 4400 Advanced Issues in Environment and Health

GEOG 1280 Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 1290 Introduction to Physical Geography
GEOG 3870 Food Geographies (cross-listed with HNSC 3870)    

Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
KIN 2610 Health and Physical Aspects of Aging
KIN 2320 Human Anatomy
KIN 3450 – Motor Control and Learning
KIN 3470 – Exercise Physiology: (Lab Required)

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
BGEN 3022 Introduction to Human Genetics A
BGEN 3024 Introduction to Human Genetics B

PHAC 4030 Drugs in Human Disease I
PHAC 4040 Drugs in Human Disease II

HEAL 3610 Mechanisms of Disease I

College of Nursing

NURS 2610 Health and Physical Aspects of Aging

Faculty of Science
BIOL 1412 Physiology of the Human Body
BIOL 2300 Principles of Ecology
BIOL 2410 Human Physiology 1
BIOL 2420 Human Physiology 2
BIOL 2500 Genetics 1
BIOL 2520 Cell Biology
BIOL 2380 Introductory Toxicology
BIOL 2390 Introduction Ecology
BIOL 3290 Medicinal and Hallucinogenic Plants
BIOL 3542 Developmental Biology
BIOL 3560 Comparative Animal Histology
BIOL 3270 Introduction to Parasitology
BIOL 3470 Environmental Physiology of Animals 1
BIOL 3500 Genetics 2
BIOL 4542 Genes and Development
BIOL 4544 Advanced Developmental and Cellular Biology

CHEM 1320 University 1 Chemistry: An Introduction to Organic Chemistry (NOTE: may not be held with 2210/2220)
CHEM 2210 Introductory Organic Chemistry 1: Structure and Function
CHEM 2220 Introductory Organic Chemistry 2: Reactivity and Synthesis
CHEM 2360 Biochemistry 1: Biomolecules and an Introduction to Metabolic Energy
CHEM 2370 Biochemistry 2: Catabolism, Synthesis, and Information Pathways
CHEM 2770 Elements of Biochemistry 1
CHEM 2780 Elements of Biochemistry 2
CHEM 3570 Biophysical Chemistry   
CHEM 4360 Signaling and Regulation of Gene Expression
CHEM 4370 Glycobiology and Protein Activation
CHEM 4620 Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids
CHEM 4630 Biochemistry of Proteins
CHEM 4670 Drug Design and Drug Discovery
COMP 1260 Introductory Computer Usage 1     
COMP 1270 Introductory Computer Usage 2

MATH 1220 Linear Algebra 1
MATH 1230 Differential Calculus
MATH 1300 Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra
MATH 1500 Introduction to Calculus
MATH 2140 Modelling
MATH 3330 Computational Algebra
MATH 3440 Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 3460 Partial Differential Equations

MBIO 1010 Microbiology 1
MBIO 1220 Essentials of Microbiology
MBIO 1410 Introduction to Molecular Biology
MBIO 2020 Microbiology 2
MBIO 2360 Biochemistry 1: Biomolecules and Introduction to Metabolic Energy
MBIO 2370 Biochemistry 2: Catabolism, Synthesis, and Information Pathways
MBIO 2420 Introductory Virology
MBIO 3000 Biosafety
MBIO 3010 Mechanisms of Microbial Disease
MBIO 3030 Microbiology 3
MBIO 3430 Molecular Evolution
MBIO 3450 Regulation of Biochemical Processes
MBIO 3460 Membrane and Cellular Biochemistry
MBIO 3470 Microbial Systematics
MBIO 4010 Immunology H
MBIO 4020 Immunology
MBIO 4410 Virology
MBIO 4440 Systems Microbiology
MBIO 4480 Microbes in our Environment

PHYS 1020 General Physics 1   
PHYS 1030 General Physics 2
PHYS 1050 Physics 1: Mechanics
PHYS 1070 Physics 2: Waves and Modern Physics    
PHYS 3220 Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement
STAT 2000 Basic Statistical Analysis 2
STAT 3000 Applied Linear Statistical Models   
STAT 3170 Statistical Quality Control       
STAT 3380 An Introduction to Nonparametric Statistic

Social Science Orientation Electives
(Senate Approved May 2016.)

Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
ABIZ 1010 Economics of World Food Issues and Policies
ABIZ 3550 Environmental Policy

HNSC 1200 Food, Facts and Fallacies
HNSC 2130 Nutrition through the Life Cycle       
HNSC 3350 Cultural and Food Patterns
HNSC 4290 Food Nutrition Health Policies

SOIL 3520 Pesticides: Environment, Economics and Ethics
Faculty of Arts
ANTH 2020 Relatedness in a Globalizing World
ANTH 2040 Native North America: A Sociocultural Survey
ANTH 2240 Plagues and People
ANTH 2300 Anthropology of Childhood
ANTH 2500 Culture, Environment and Technology
ANTH 2510 Anthropology of Economic Systems
ANTH 2550 Culture and the Individual
ANTH 2560 Anthropology of Illness
ANTH 2820 Human Osteology
ANTH 2860 Evolution and Human Diversity
ANTH 2880 Human Evolution
ANTH 2890 Human Population Biology
ANTH 3200 Anthropology of Food
ANTH 3320 Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 3330 Sex and Sexualities
ANTH 3500 Peoples of the Arctic
ANTH 3550 Canadian Subcultures
ANTH 3740 Human Growth and Variation
ANTH 3750 Anthropological Perspectives on Globalization and the World-System
ANTH 4860 Special Topics in Biological Anthropology
ECON 2310 Canadian Economic Problems
ECON 2350 Community Economic Development
ECON 2362 Economics of Gender   
ECON 2410 The Manitoba Economy
ECON 3690 Economic Issues of Health Policy
ECON 3692 Economic Determinants of Health
ECON 4140 Evaluation of Economic Policy and Programs
GPE 1700 Social Justice in the 21st Century: Global Political Economy and Environmental Change

HIST 2280 Aboriginal History of Canada
HIST 2400 History of Human Rights and Social Justice in the Modern World
HIST 3730 A History Western Canada

LABR 1260 Working for a Living
LABR 3050 Issues in Occupational Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation
LABR 3060 Workplace Health and Safety
LABR 3070 Labour Relations and Occupational Health and Safety Law
NATV 1220 Indigenous Peoples in Canada, Part 1
NATV 1240 Indigenous Peoples in Canada, Part 2
NATV 1250 Introductory Cree           
NATV 1270 Introductory Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) 1       
NATV 2020 The Metis in Canada
NATV 2040 The Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota Nations
NATV 2060 Eastern Woodlands Encounters: Columbus to Confederation
NATV 2070 Cree, Innu, and Dene Nations
NATV 2080 Inuit Society and Culture
NATV 2100 Indigenous Spirituality
NATV 2110 Introduction to Indigenous Development
NATV 3100 Indigenous Healing Ways
NATV 3150 Residential School Literature      
NATV 3240 Indigenous Medicine and Health
NATV 3330 Indigenous People, Science and the Environment

PHIL 1200 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2150 Mind and Body
PHIL 2290 Ethics and Society
PHIL 2740 Ethics and Biomedicine
PHIL 2750 Ethics and the Environment
POLS 3100 Gender and Politics in Canada
POLS 3160 Human Rights and Civil Liberties
POLS 3860 Canadian Federalism
POLS 3960 Canadian Politics
POLS 4190 Manitoba Politics and Government

PSYC 2250 Introduction to Psychological Research
PSYC 2260 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 2290 Child Development
PSYC 2380 Psychology of Gender
PSYC 2440 Behaviour Modification Principles
PSYC 2470 Learning Foundations of Psychology
PSYC 2480 Cognitive Processes
PSYC 2490 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 2530 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 2540 Social Psychology
PSYC 3070 Adult Development
PSYC 3130 Introduction to Health Psychology
PSYC 3150 Behaviour Modifications Applications
PSYC 3310 Adolescent Development 
PSYC 3390 Thinking
PSYC 3160 Perception and Attention
PSYC 3470 Dyadic Relations
PSYC 3490 Individual Differences
PSYC 3580 Language and Thought
PSYC 3630 Psychological Measurement and Assess  

RLGN 1322 Introduction to Eastern Religions
RLGN 1324 Introduction to Western Religions
RLGN 1410 Death and Concepts of the Future
RLGN 1420 Ethics in World Religions
RLGN 1430 Food: Religious Concepts and Practices
RLGN 2060 Religion and Violence
RLGN 2590 Religion and Social Issues

SOC 2320 Canadian Society and Culture
SOC 2330 Social Psychology in Sociological Perspectives
SOC 2360 Small Group Interaction
SOC 2370 Ethnic Relations
SOC 2390 Social Organization
SOC 2460 The Family
SOC 2470 Courtship and Marriage
SOC 2490 Sociology of Health and Illness
SOC 2510 Criminology
SOC 2610 Sociology of Criminal Justice and Corrections
SOC 2620 The Sociology of Aging
SOC 2630 Social Change
SOC 3310 Theorizing Crime, Law and Social Justice
SOC 3370 Sociology of Work
SOC 3380 Power, Politics and the Welfare State
SOC 3400 Policing and Crime Prevention
SOC 3540 The Sociology of Health Care Systems
SOC 3660 Sociology of Mental Disorder
SOC 3730 Society and Education
SOC 3750 Institutional Responses to Violence in Family and Intimate Relationships
SOC 3770 Women, Health and Medicine
SOC 3790 Women, Crime and Social Justice
SOC 3810 Sociological Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality
SOC 3820 Qualitative and Historical Methods in Sociology
SOC 3830 Youth, Crime and Society
SOC 3840 Community and Social Reconstruction
SOC 3860 Genocide, Crime and Society
SOC 3890 Power and Inequality in Comparative Perspective

WOMN 1600 Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies in the Social Sciences
WOMN 2000 Feminist Thought
WOMN 2500 Race, Class and Sexuality
WOMN 2560 Women, Science and Technology
WOMN 2600 Sex, Gender, Space and Place
WOMN 2610 Gender, Transport and Social Justice
WOMN 3000 Interdisciplinary Research in Women’s and Gender Studies     
WOMN 3330 Sex and Sexualities
WOMN 3560 Feminist Perspectives on Violence Against Women

I. H. Asper School of Business
ACC 1100 Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACC 1110 Introduction to Managerial Accounting

GMGT 2060 Management and Organization Theory  

HRIR 2440 Human Resource Management
HRIR 3450 Labour and Employment Relations
HRIR 4410 Staffing and Management Development
HRIR 4420 Compensation

Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources
GEOG 1280 Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 1700 Social Justice in the 21st Century: Global Political Economy and Environmental Change
GEOG 2330 Place, Populations and Mobility: Geographic Perspectives   
GEOG 2640 Geography of Culture and inequality
GEOG 3640 Social Geography of the Environment
GEOG 4280 Gender and the Human Environment

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
HEAL 4500 Injury Prevention Across the Life Course

Max Rady College of Medicine 
FMLY 1000 Families in Contemporary Canadian Society
FMLY 1010 Human Development in the Family
FMLY 1012 Introduction to Social Development
FMLY 1420 Family Management Principles
FMLY 2012 Development, Conflict and Displacement
FMLY 2400 Family Financial Health
FMLY 2500 Diversity and Families
FMLY 2600 Foundations of Childhood Developmental Health
FMLY 2650 The Social Aspects of Aging
FMLY 2800 Family Violence
FMLY 3012 Theories of Social Development           
FMLY 3220 Death and the Family
FMLY 3240 Families in the Later Years
FMLY 3330 Parenting and Developmental Health
FMLY 3400 Families as Consumers               
FMLY 3470 Selected Studies in the Family I           
FMLY 3600 Adolescents in Families and Society
FMLY 3750 Fundamentals of Health Promotion
FMLY 3780 Introduction to the Development of Programs for Children and Families   
FMLY 3790 Introduction to the Evaluation of Programs for Children and Families       
FMLY 3800 Conflict Resolution in the Family
FMLY 3802 Intimate Partner Violence           
FMLY 3806 Children, Violence and Rights       
FMLY 4012 Social Development Policies
FMLY 4220 Aging and Risk in a Global Context       
FMLY 4330 Management of Family Stress
FMLY 4400 Family Economics: Poverty and Wealth
FMLY 4470 Selected Studies in the Family II       
FMLY 4480 Work and Family Issues
FMLY 4500 Senior Thesis               
FMLY 4602 Family Relationships, Health and Well-Being   
FMLY 4604 Children in Adversity           
FMLY 4606 A Social Justice Perspective on Indigenous Maternal and Child Health  
FMLY 4802 Family Violence Prevention   

College of Nursing
NURS 2610 Health and Physical Aspects of Aging
NURS 3330 Women and Health
NURS 3400 Men’s Health: Concerns, Issues and Myths

Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
KIN 2610 Health and Physical Aspects of Aging
KIN 4500 Aging and Health

PERS 1200 Physical Activity, Health and Wellness
PERS 3100 Inclusive Physical Activity and Leisure

REC 2650 The Social Aspects of Aging
REC 4250 Leisure and Aging

Faculty of Social Work

SWRK 1310 Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis
SWRK 2050 Community and Organizational Theory
SWRK 2080 Interpersonal Communication Skills
SWRK 2650 The Social Aspects of Aging
SWRK 2110 Emergence of the Canadian Social Welfare State
SWRK 2130 Comparative Social Welfare Systems
SWRK 3130 Contemporary Canadian Social Welfare


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