Student check-in: Selecting courses for next year

Applies to Health Sciences or Health Studies Program 
  1. Select the courses you plan to take for electives at the beginning of this program BEFORE you register for any courses.  Review the Program Planning sheets and develop a list of approved electives and the categories in which the electives must be chosen. Elective choices can be found on the website under Program Planning – Health Sciences/Studies.
  3. Make sure to take HEAL 2600 and 3600 as soon as you enter the program so you can continue without having a pause in your program.
  5. Please plan your 4 year program thoroughly.  Program electives must be planned in the beginning of the program to ensure the prerequisites have been met for higher level courses.  Once you have done this, please email to make an appointment to see an Academic Advisor to review your program.  This must be done to ensure that you are meeting requirements due to the specific structure of the program.
  7. If you want to complete a practicum in this program, please apply by May 1 of the year before you plan to graduate. The practicum course number is HMEC 4090 Practicum in Human Ecology; more information on the optional practicum and the application form can be found here. The practicum spans over both fall and winter terms.
  9. Please visit an Academic Advisor at least once a year prior to every year of your registration.

Note: Any changes of address, name or phone number must be made via Aurora Student.