Our vision, our mission:
The IP Collaborative (IPC) will be recognized for its culture of interprofessionalism where the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences (RFHS) graduates and faculty are competent (IP) Practitioners and scholars.

To inspire RFHS students and faculty to develop their interprofessionalism, through learning about, with and from each other to promote the health of Manitobans. 

  • Create policies to promote IP collaboration in classroom, simulation and clinical and/or practice settings.

  • Develop a curriculum on collaborative care that can be used in classroom, simulation and clinical and/or practice settings based on a conceptual model/framework that embeds the principles of interprofessional collaboration, reflects a continuum of learning, and ensures assessment of interprofessional collaboration.

  • Develop a strong and effective collaborative care consultation unit for students, faculty and other health related professions at the University of Manitoba across two campuses.

  • Support program requirements for courses that affect more than one College to promote the culture of IP collaboration.

  • Promote and support scholarship, research and evaluation of interprofessional collaborative care opportunities for faculty and students.