International Exchanges


The University of Manitoba has student exchange agreements with two international dental hygiene Programs: Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and Turku Polytechnic in Turku, Finland. The School of Dental Hygiene also has a partnership agreement with the University of Missouri-Kansas City in Kansas City, Missouri.

Two students in their second year of dental hygiene are offered this opportunity at each place at one time. The students go for a two-week excursion and they may use this opportunity toward one of their dental hygiene project in second year. Eligibility is based on both academic standing and personal interest and students must apply to the School of Dental Hygiene Director. The school, due to lack of funding, unfortunately cannot cover any of the costs so the students must pay for their own expenses.

Spotlight: Interview with Visiting Swedish Students

International Exchange Students How was your experience at the school?

Good, we learned to speak English here. The students were nice and very polite. They drove us everywhere. We learned a lot of new things in clinic as well, like how to measure minimal attached gingival, taking blood pressure on clients, and using an explorer instead of a probe to detect calculus. Also the instructors were helpful with everything.

What would you recommend to others who would like to come here for an exchange program?

Bring empty suitcases, because there is a lot of shopping to do! Also bring things that they don’t have like fluoride gum, tablets, and inter-proximal brushes.

Would you recommend this exchange program to others?

Yes. It was a good experience to see how the school compares to our Swedish school, and how dental hygienists work in Canada.