Research and Innovation
The CCA office is involved in a variety of research and innovation projects designed to help us learn how to better educate those working in the healthcare field. Our research themes focus on our award winning inter-professional CPD work and on our innovations in patient involvement in CPD planning. We do this with the support and collaboration of educational and research leaders in the Educational and Faculty Development office in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. Below are some of our activities.

For more information about our research initiatives, contact Dr. Sanchez-Ramirez, Director of Research, at (204-789-3406). We welcome your feedback and suggestions for additional research topics.

Ongoing Projects

Assessing the impact of Continuing Professional Development activities on patient outcomes and healthcare quality indications: A pilot study.
Sanchez-Ramirez, Diana C.; Singer, Alex; Kosowan, Leanne; Katz, Alan; Bohm, Eric; Polimeni, Christine.

This study aims to explore the impact that CPD education (topic, format, duration) among physicians has on patient outcomes and healthcare quality indications. Outcomes from the present study will be used to support the effectiveness of CPD education of physicians. Furthermore, results could encourage the assessment and improvement of the CPD education currently offered. From the methodological perspective, it is expected that appropriate outcomes for assessing and measuring the effectiveness of CPD on clinical performance and patient health will be identified. This study will lead to the creation of a comprehensive database of exposure to CPD education that will facilitate further studies of its effectiveness. Overall, the findings will guide the planning of a population-based study using data from Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and future sub-analyses by specialties.

Exploring the implementation of clinical practice guidelines and choosing wisely recommendations in the care of patients with Diabetes Mellitus in Manitoba (Young Research Award- SACME 2019).
Sanchez-Ramirez, Diana C.; Singer, Alex; Kosowan, Leanne; Polimeni, Christine.

This study sought to assess to what extent primary care providers (PCPs) incorporate recommended statin and sulfonylureas treatment in their care of patients with DM, and to identify the association between use of recommended care and PCP characteristics. 

Primary Care Providers Participation in Cardiology-related Continuing Medical Education Increases the Likelihood of Prescribing Recommended Lipid Management. (Accepted for presentation at the 2019 AFMC CPD Research Symposium in Niagara Falls, Ontario).

Sanchez-Ramirez Diana C; Singer, Alexander; Kosowan, Leanne; Katz, Alan; Polimeni,  Christine.

This study sought to explore if participation in a series of cardiology CME activities has an impact in the lipid management that primary care providers (PCPs) deliver to their patients.

Interactive learning and perception of speaker effectiveness in continuing education conferences for practicing physicians.

Dr. Sanchez-Ramirez Diana C (PhD, University of Manitoba, Office of Continuing Competency and Assessment, Director of Research) & MacLeod Tanya (MSc, Dalhousie University, Continuing Professional Development, Evaluation Specialist). (Accepted for presentation at the 2019 AFMC CPD Research Symposium in Niagara Falls, Ontario).

Research questions:  1. What are the interactive learning approaches used in large group (>30 participants) therapeutic conferences for practicing physicians?  2. What are the number of and type of questions asked during end-of-lecture question and answer periods?  3. Do learner perceptions of speaker effectiveness, and satisfaction with conference lectures is associated with the type and amount of speaker interactive approaches used?    

Completed Projects

Knowledge and implementation of current opioids guidelines among healthcare providers in Manitoba
Sanchez-Ramirez Diana C; Polimeni Christine.

This study aimed to explore knowledge and implementation of current opioids guidelines among healthcare providers, and to assess the effect of an opioid-related educational intervention.

Obesity Intervention for Front-Line Healthcare Providers
Sanchez-Ramirez Diana C, Heather Long, Stephanie Mowat, Casey Hein

This study focuses on the outcomes of an inter-professional educational event hosted in 2015 at the University of Manitoba. This study is being conducted to understand perceived skill levels, attitudes and challenges of healthcare providers in obesity intervention in their practices.

Educational technology and online learning among physicians and other healthcare providers in Manitoba (Poster PD-3-7. CCME conference. Halifax April 29 2018)
Sanchez-Ramirez Diana C; Polimeni Christine; Brenda Stutsky

The objective of this study was to explore the experience, skill level, motivational factors and interests associated with online education among healthcare providers interested in CPD courses and events. 

Exploring Access, Skills and Knowledge related to digital, social and mobile technologies among physicians and other healthcare providers in Manitoba
(Poster DP-10-4. CCME conference. Halifax April 29 2018)
Sanchez-Ramirez Diana C; Polimeni Christine; Brenda Stutsky
This study aimed to explore the levels of access, skills, and knowledge related to digital, social and mobile technologies among healthcare providers.

Peer-assisted debriefing of multisource feedback: an exploratory qualitative study.
Francois J.; Sisler J.; Mowat S. BMC Medical Education 2018, 18:36

This qualitative study explores how physicians who had undergone the MPAR used the RE, what areas of change are identified and committed to, and what they perceived as the role of reflection in the MPAR process.

Interprofessional Continuing Professional Development on Oral-Systemic Health Topics
Stephanie Mowat, Casey Hein, Tanya Walsh, Laura MacDonald, Ruby Grymonpre, Jeffrey Sisler
Journal of Dent Education, 2017 Dec; 81(12):1421-1429

This study focused on the outcome of an inter-professional educational event hosted at the University of Manitoba, Oral-Systemic Health Day. We are examining the potential for physicians, nurses, and other non-dental healthcare providers (HCPs), to collaborate with oral HCPs (i.e., dentists and dental hygienists), a type of inter-professional relationship that has been divided by historical schisms between medicine and dentistry.

Retention in a ten-year cohort of internationally trained family physicians licensed in Manitoba
Mowat, S.D., Reslerova, M., Sisler, J.
Can J Rural Md 2017;22(1)
This study used data from the University of Manitoba, provincial registries and Manitoba Health to explore retention of IMG family physicians in Manitoba and its predictors.

Attitudes towards Interdisciplinary Learning: Evaluation of a Novel Blended Learning Suite on Cancer Survivorship Care
Jeff Sisler, Jonathan Sussman, Stephanie Mowat, Emmanuel Ozokwelu, Anita Enns

This study is a prospective evaluation of the attitudes of postgraduate trainees in Family Medicine and Oncology on attitudes towards interdisciplinary learning using the RIPLS tool. This is a national study involving residents from Manitoba, Ontario and BC. This educational program is also being adapted later this year for clinicians.

Maintenance of Competence among Canadian Family Physicians with Enhanced Skills: A Study of Family Physician Anesthetists
José François, Brian Kuo, Stephanie Mowat

In this study, we seek to examine issues surrounding maintenance of competence of family practice anesthetists, including: the current potential for CPD of their enhanced skills, barriers to CPD and maintenance of competence, professional isolation, perceptions of maintenance of competence, and how it should be addressed.

Integrating CanMEDS Roles into Continuing Professional Development Planning and Implementation
Stephanie Mowat, José François, Christine Polimeni, Jeffrey Sisler

This innovative project of systemically tagging CPD events with CanMEDS-FM roles has now been integrated into our practice.

Patient Engagement in the Continuing Professional Development of Family Physicians in Manitoba
Stephanie Mowat, Jeffrey Sisler

In this study, we worked with engaged patients to integrate their voice in CPD events for family physicians. This applied research provided a qualitative analysis of patient feedback on educational topics and has led to an ongoing partnership with a patient advisory group.

Peer-Assisted Debriefing of the Manitoba Physician Achievement Review
José François, Stephanie Mowat

This study involved a thematic analysis of a peer-assisted debriefing tool, a form of guided reflection used by physicians who have undergone a 360 assessment by the provincial regulatory authority. This tool, developed by our office, allows physicians to sit down with a peer to review their assessment report, reflect on feedback and commit to change.