CAP Programs and Overview
Within Continuing Competency and Assessment Portfolio, the Clinician Assessment Programs (CAP) unit offers services related to assessment, examination and education of health and other professions. We strive to promote and provide relevant, needs-based assessment and educational activities to health professionals to maintain and produce changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that will enable optimal provision of patient and client care. CAP oversees the conduct of several practical clinical exams, as well as administering the practical examination components of licensing examinations on behalf of national examination bodies for medicine, physiotherapy, and pharmacy.

In addition, CAP oversees the development and implementation of personalized remediation and enhancement programs for regulated health professionals of any of the Faculty of Health Sciences constituent Colleges and Departments.

CAP is a member of the Coalition for Physician Enhancement (CPE), an organization of American and Canadian assessment programs, an organization committed to provision of services in assessment and education of referred physicians seeking higher levels of performance in patient care. As an organizational member, CAP follows the guidelines of the CPE in the conduct of our programs.

Current Programs and Services

Manitoba Practice Assessment Program (MPAP)

The Manitoba Practice Assessment Program (MPAP) was developed by CAP to enable the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) to make a decision about granting full licensure to candidates on the provisional register who have been unsuccessful in their certification examinations. MPAP offers a tailored, comprehensive assessment of the candidates’ clinical practice, using the CanMEDS framework.

Winnipeg Exam Centre

The Winnipeg Exam Centre offers development, oversight and administration of a number of practical, clinical examinations and assessments of health professional knowledge, skill and competence. Services are provided to regulatory and credentialing organizations on a regional and national level, including the Medical Council of Canada, the Pharmacy Credentialing Board of Canada, the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba. Development of specialized assessments is also provided on a case-by-case basis.

The Winnipeg Exam Centre provides examination services to organizations and agencies concerned with credentialing of health professionals. The following exams are currently offered or administered:

CAPE (Clinicians’ Assessment and Practice Enhancement) Assessment: The CAPE assessment is a three-day assessment designed to assess the knowledge, skills and attitudes of physicians, relevant to practice.

Clinical Assistant Assessment (CAA): The CAA is an assessment for practice readiness for those health professionals looking to work as a Clinical Assistant in Manitoba. The assessment is offered by referral only from the CPSM.

Medical Council of Canada Examinations: CAP oversees the administration of the National Assessment Collaboration Examination (NAC) and the LMCC Qualifying Examination, Part 2 (QEII).

Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada: CAP oversees the administration of the practical examinations for both pharmacists (OSCE) and pharmacy technicians (OSPE).

Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR): CAP oversees the administration of the Physiotherapy Competency Examination required for licensure as a physiotherapist in Canada.

For further information about potential for new examinations to be developed or hosted through the Winnipeg Exam Centre, please contact:

Director, Clinician Assessment Programs
Natalie MacLeod Schroeder

Health Professional Remediation Services

CAP offers development of remediation programs for health professionals of the constituent colleges of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. With consultation, services can be provided to other professional groups (lawyers, engineers, chiropractors) in certain circumstances.

Professional Boundaries Program

The goal of the Professional Boundaries Program is to create awareness of professional boundary issues for those professionals deemed to be at risk for boundary violations, to assess these professionals and to provide education and/or therapy depending on the identified needs. We realize that you may have questions and concerns regarding the program. This program can and has been modified for use beyond the health professions with consultation of regulatory and professional bodies.

Individualized/Self-Directed Learning Programs

CAP works in consultation with referred participants to develop individualized remediation/educational plans requested by regulatory Colleges following a complaint, concern or identified gap in practice. Programs are developed to meet the specific needs of the individual and are typically provided on an individualized basis using faculty and staff of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and practicing clinicians.

Medical Record Keeping

CAP can provide workshops on medical record keeping and documentation to meet the requirements of the health professional regulations. These courses are offered based on referrals sufficient to cover costs of the course.


Director, Clinician Assessment Programs - Natalie MacLeod Schroeder
MPAP Coordinator - Debbie Lemkey
Clinical Exam Coordinator - Bonnie Rehberg
Assistant Exam Coordinator - Melanie Froese