The University of Manitoba brings together its community of health educators, experts and researchers in the new Rady Faculty of Health Sciences. The Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry and School of Dental Hygiene, Max Rady College of Medicine, and the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy and Rehabilitation Sciences are integrated in the new Faculty.

It will position the University of Manitoba as an international leader in health education, training, research and practice. 

The Rady Faculty of Health Sciences reflects the health sector's evolving focus on inter-professional models of care and forthcoming expanded roles for health professionals under the Province's Regulated Health Professions Act.

As a Faculty, we recognize the importance of collaboration in inter-disciplinary research, inter-professional education and training and service delivery to students in the health professions.

The new, integrated Rady Faculty of Health Sciences will facilitate the following:

  • Enhanced research competitiveness;
  • Exemplary community outreach and service, particularly to underserved
  • Train future generations of health professionals in IPE and practice
  • Better prepare graduate students to practice in a multi-disciplinary
  • Expand rural distributed education models to recruit and retain more
    health professionals in Manitoba;
  • Collaborative research opportunities/more flexible programs of study
    for students; and
  • Singular, more effective liaison with government resulting in greater
    opportunities for partnerships and external support.