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2017-18 Workshop Schedule

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  • Ensure that you sign the attendance sheet at workshop start, or you will not be able to claim the workshop on your co-curricular record.
  • If there is insufficient registration, the workshop may be cancelled
  • Late arrivals may be denied entry and/or co-curricular credit for that session

Winter 2018 Schedule

January 2018 +


February 2018 +


March 2018 +


April 2018 +


May 2018 +


June 2018 +


July 2018

Date Workshop Name Campus Register ▶
July 10 Zotero: Beyond the Basics Fort Garry Register ▶
July 26 Mendeley: Beyond the Basics Fort Garry Register ▶


All Workshops are Free.

For more information or to register for a specific workshop, click on the Register ▶ link.

If you are unable to attend a workshop, contact us or cancel your registration online.

Please note that the same workshop offered at Bannatyne campus may be shorter than that offered at Fort Garry, due to schedule restrictions.

All of our workshop presenters are volunteering their time to the GradSteps program. Their presentation, number of handouts, and continued involvement in the program are all based on the number of registered students.

As such, we ask that students make every effort to attend those workshops for which they are registered. If unable to attend, please cancel your attendance prior to workshop start by either logging in to the system and declining, or by emailing