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Advisor Student Guidelines FAQ

I completed the ASG with my advisor/co-advisors but cannot see my ASG in my student JUMP account to approve/reject the form. Where did it go?

  • When you started the ASG did your advisor input your UMNetID? JUMP uses students’ UMNetID as an identifier to know which ASG belongs to which student. Please contact ASG support.

My advisor is unable to continue as my advisor, do I need to complete an ASG with my new advisor?

  • Yes, you are required to start a new ASG with your new advisor as it is a new partnership and both sides need to agree to the terms set out in the Advisor-Student Guidelines.

My advisor and I forgot to include my co-advisor in the ASG. Do we need to start a new form??

  • Yes, you will need to start a new ASG to include your co-advisor as it is a partnership and all parties need to agree to the terms set out in the Advisor-Student Guidelines.

My advisor and I did the ASG already, why did I get an email saying it’s showing as student pending?

  • The reason your ASG is currently showing as student pending is because you need to accept the agreement from your side, similar to a contract both parties need to "sign”. Please log into your JUMP account at your earliest convenience, go to the Graduate Studies tab, click on the green ASG number scroll to the bottom and select “Accept”.

What is my UMNetID?

  • Please contact IST if you have either not yet claimed or forgotten your UMNetID.

I’m a student and staff member at the U of M. Should I use my student number or employee number when filling out the ASG?

  • Please ensure you are using your student number when filling out the ASG.

I changed my name and also requested my UMNetID be updated. Why can I not see my ASG?

  • Please ensure you inform your advisor of your name/UMNetID change prior to filling out the ASG. Your old UMNetID may have been inputted in error.

I completed my Master’s program and will have the same advisor for my Ph.D. program. Do we need to complete a new ASG?

  • Yes, you are required to start a new ASG with your previous advisor because you are starting a new program.

I accepted my ASG but have not yet received a confirmation email. Does this mean my ASG is incomplete?

  • Students and advisors/co-advisors do not receive confirmation emails. You can check the status of your ASG by logging in to your JUMP account to see if the ASG is labelled approved/pending under your status.

My advisor and I would like to update the terms of our ASG. Can we start a new online form if we’ve already completed one previously?

  • The agreement may be revisited at any stage of the student’s graduate program to accommodate for changes in the advisor-student relationship. To update your ASG please start a new form.

My advisor is away overseas researching do I need to wait until they return to complete the ASG?

  • Yes, the advisor/co-advisors and the student must review each of the points listed below together, must check off each box to confirm that the items have been discussed and the advisor/co-advisors and student must confirm that they each understand all of these items.

I logged into JUMP to accept my ASG and I’m able to click on the ASG form number but there is no option to accept or reject the form.

  • When starting an ASG the online portal will automatically populate the advisor’s information; unfortunately if the student logs into JUMP and starts the ASG the student’s information is pulled and inputted where the advisor information should be. Please restart the online form at your earliest convenience and ensure your advisor logs into his/her JUMP account to start the ASG.

Do you accept paper copies of the ASG?

  • No, a paper copy of the ASG will not be accepted by FGS