Graduate Studies Executive Committee

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The following shall be members of the Executive Committee:

  1. the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies (chair, non-voting except to break ties);
  2. the Associate Dean(s), Faculty of Graduate Studies;
  3. the coordinator of the Masters Program from Université de Saint-Boniface;
  4. one (1) representative from each Faculty/College/School listed below. Normally this representative is the Associate Dean Research or Research Liaison Officer (ADR/RLO) or the Associate Dean Graduate (ADG) for the Faculty/College/School where such a position exist.

      - Agricultural and Food Sciences
      - Architecture
      - Arts - Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources
      - Desautels Faculty of Music
      - Education
      - Engineering
      - Graduate Studies
      - I.H. Asper School of Business
      - Kinesiology and Recreation Management
      - Law
      - Science
      - Social Work
      - Dentistry
      - Max Rady College of Medicine
      - Nursing
      - Pharmacy
      - Rehabilitation Sciences
      - Art

  5. three (3) graduate students from among the members of Faculty Council elected by, and in a manner established by the Graduate Students' Association.


  1. The Program Coordinator of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Term of members

The terms of members of the Executive Committee shall be as follows:

  1. faculty members in category ‘d’ shall have a term commensurate with their position as an ADR/RLO or ADG; and
  2. graduate student members shall have a one (1) year term commencing July 1 of the year of selection; graduate student(s) shall be eligible for reappointment.


  1. The Dean or the Dean's designate shall call and preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee;
  2. the Executive Committee shall normally meet in September, October, November, February, March, April, May, and June;
  3. at least five (5) days written notice of any regular Executive Committee meeting and at least forty-eight hours notice for any special Executive Committee meeting shall be given to all members of the Executive Committee;
  4. the quorum shall be one-third (1/3) of the membership; and
  5. a support staff person appointed by the dean shall be the secretary (non-voting) of the Executive Committee.

Powers and Duties

Subject to the powers and duties of Faculty Council, the Executive Committee shall:

  1. prepare items for the agenda for Faculty Council meetings;
  2. refer to committees any matters deemed appropriate for their consideration;
  3. call special meetings of the Faculty Council;
  4. comment on, endorse or advise against any matters pertaining to Graduate Studies to Faculty Council including, but not limited to:
    • recommendations regarding new programs and program changes,
    • recommendations of strategic initiatives, and
    • recommendations regarding new courses, course changes; or new changes to existing regulations arising from standing or ad hoc committees of the Faculty Council;
  5. guide formulation of Faculty of Graduate Studies policy for submission to Faculty Council;
  6. ensure that Faculty Council Policy is properly executed;
  7. decide regarding the application of regulations on request of the dean;
  8. receive and consider reports from any standing and ad hoc committees of the Faculty Council and recommend to the Faculty Council on their disposition;
  9. provide a cross section of informed faculty opinion for consultation with the dean on policy matters which need not be or cannot be considered by the entire Faculty Council;
  10. deal with contingencies that arise between meetings of the Faculty Council and, in general, assist the dean in disposing of matters of a routine nature that do not substantially involve questions of general policy;
  11. report to the Faculty Council with respect to actions taken by the Executive Committee;
  12. appoint ad hoc committees of the Faculty Council of Graduate Studies;
  13. nominate members to Standing and ad hoc committees of the Faculty Council; and
  14. carry out such other functions as the Faculty Council may from time to time specify.