Graduate Studies Faculty Council

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Notwithstanding the provision of the general by-law, the following shall be members of the Faculty Council of Graduate Studies:

  1. the President or his/her designate;
  2. the Provost or his/her designate;
  3. the dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies;
  4. the associate deans of the Faculty of Graduate Studies;
  5. deans of faculties (or designates) and directors of schools (or designates) within the University which house graduate programs;
  6. faculty graduate chairs, where such positions exist, and the coordinator of the Master's program at Université de Saint Boniface;
  7. representatives of unit graduate programs, normally the graduate chair;
  8. the University Librarian;
  9. nine (9) students selected by the Graduate Students’ Association.


Membership Selection

The membership of Faculty Council shall be as follows:

  1. every unit offering a graduate program shall appoint one (1) faculty member, normally the graduate chair, to sit on Faculty Council;
  2. one (1) representative shall be elected in a manner established by the Graduate Students' Association Council by and from each of the following five functional areas as defined by the G.S.A.C:
    • Humanities,
    • Health Sciences,
    • Social Sciences,
    • Agricultural Sciences, and
    • Natural Sciences;
    any student who is registered in a degree program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies shall be eligible for election to the Faculty Council; and
  3. four (4) additional student representatives shall be elected by and from the Graduate Students' Association Council in a manner established by that council.



  1. The Faculty Council shall meet at least once each term.
  2. The Dean or his/her designate shall be the presiding officer at all meetings.
  3. Meetings of the Faculty Council shall be called at the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies or on the written request of twenty-five (25) members of Council.
  4. At least fourteen (14) days' written notice of any regular meeting shall be given and at least seven (7) days' notice of any special meeting.
  5. The quorum necessary for the transaction of business at any meeting shall be twenty-five (25) members.
  6. In addition to the elected members, Council meetings shall be open to all other members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, who shall have the right to be recognized and to take part in debate, but not to propose motions or to vote.
  7. Council meetings shall also be open to observers, subject to the Council moving into closed session by the vote of a simple majority of those members in attendance and voting.


Powers to Act

In addition to the powers set forth in the general by-law, the Faculty Council of Graduate Studies shall have power:

  1. To exercise all responsibility for the enrolment of graduate students in accordance with regulations governing their admission.
  2. To recommend the appointment of adjunct and honorary professors.
  3. To conduct elections in accordance with the provisions contained in Membership Selection.
  4. To delegate from time to time to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Executive Committee, either conditionally or unconditionally and either exclusively or concurrently, any of the powers set forth herein and in the general faculty and school council by-law.
  5. To determine the number or proportion of student representatives on committees of the Faculty Council.

Approved by:
Faculty Council 30 April 2013
SCRP 24 May 2013
Senate 19 June 2013