Sir Gordon Wu Graduate Student Scholarship Recipients

University of Manitoba graduate students Cassidy Erdelyan, Warren Blunt, Andrew Denisuik, Khashavar Hamidzadeh and Steven Howell are the inaugural recipients of the Sir Gordon Wu Graduate Student Scholarships.

“There are few things more inspiring than finding new opportunities to support the dreams of our students,” said University of Manitoba president and vice-chancellor David Barnard. “We are able to provide that support thanks to the vision and generosity of people like Sir Gordon Wu.”

Sir Gordon Wu gifted $1,000,000 to establish a fund at the University of Manitoba in support of graduate students, which has been matched by a contribution of $500,000 from the University. This funding is designed to attract, and sustain, the very brightest minds locally and internationally to the province of Manitoba.

Sir Gordon Wu Supports Graduate Students at the U of M


2015 Recipients

Daniel Rea
PhD Candidate in Computer Science

Tran Nguyen
PhD Candidate in Plant Science

Matthew Quesnel
PhD Candidate in Psychology

Melanie Unrau
PhD Candidate in English, Film & Theatre

Dustin Kehler
PhD Candidate in Applied Health Sciences

Leigh McClarty
PhD Candidate in Community Health Sciences

Sheila Novek
PhD Candidate in Community Health Sciences

Jennifer Hedges
PhD Candidate in Social Work

Mamneet Manghera
PhD Candidate in Immunology

Farahnaz Hajipour
PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering

Michelle Keller
PhD Candidate in French

2014 Recipients

Lindsay Aboud
PhD Candidate in Medical Microbiology

Jaseer Ahmed
PhD Candidate in Physics & Astronomy

Ka-Yee Grace Choi
PhD Candidate in Immunology

Patlee Creary
PhD Candidate in Peace & Conflict Studies

Erica Franzmann
PhD Candidate in Physics & Astronomy

Matthew Guzzo
PhD Candidate in Physics & Astronomy

Maia Simone Kredentser
PhD Candidate in Psychology

Katelin Neufeld
PhD Candidate in Psychology

Kendra Lee Rieger
PhD Candidate in Nursing

Tamara Sucharyna
PhD Candidate in Psychology

2013 Recipients

Cassidy Erdely
PhD Candidate in Biological Sciences
From early childhood, Cassidy always found bugs and bacteria fascinating. As a Biological Sciences student, he is very interested in the research going on in the lab. Thanks to the Wu scholarship, he will be able to push his research to its fullest potential.

Warren Blunt
PhD Candidate in Biosystems Engineering
Warren always wanted to become an engineer, but was unsure whether to pursue mechanical, or the agriculture root. Once he became involved with the research programs in Biosystems, Warren knew this was what he wanted to do and where he wanted to be. He hopes to one day have the means to follow Sir Gordon Wu’s example and become more philanthropic.

Andrew Denisuik
PhD Candidate in Medical Microbiology
Aspiring PhD candidate Andrew Denisuik hopes to one day work at the Health Sciences Centre researching infectious diseases. He is immensely grateful to Sir Gordon Wu for his generosity, as the Wu scholarship has encouraged him to continue his studies for the next number of years.

Khashavar Hamidzadeh
PhD Candidate in Linguistics
From early on Khashavar had an interest in braille, and has read it since he started his schooling. He feels it is important that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed by educators, and is immensely appreciative to Sir Gordon Wu for recognizing the need for funding in graduate studies research.

Steven Howell
PhD Candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Thanks to the Wu scholarship, Steven Howell is able to step aside from industrial work and focus solely on his research. Having the opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned researchers in Manitoba drives his passion for researching cutting-edge technology in electrical engineering.