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United Arab Emirates

  For entrance into the Master's program:

  • Successful completion of a 4 year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university;
  • A minimum grade of 3.0 on a 4 point grading scale or good in the last two years of study, where a typical grading scale is:
UM Scale Emirati Scale
A 90-100% (4.0 or Distinction)
B 80-89% (3.0 or Very Good)
C 70-79% (2.0 or Good)
D 60-69% (1.0 or Pass)
F 0-59% (0 or Fail)


*To convert from a 4.0 scale to a 4.5 scale, first calculate the GPA on a 4.0 scale and then convert to a 4.5 scale for the International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship (IGSES) and International Graduate Student Scholarship (IGSS) using the following calculation:

calculated GPA     =     x
4.0       4.5    

If letter grades have both +’s and -’s then use the following conversions:

U.M. Scale = U.A.E. Scale
A = A+
A- = A
B+ = B+
B = B
C+ = C+
C = C

  For entrance into the PhD program:

  • Requirements listed above (see Master’s program) plus successful completion of a Master’s degree in the fields of Engineering, Business or Environmental Sciences from a recognized institution; for all other disciplines, there is currently no Master’s degree equivalent.


Middle East

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