Required Documentation for Applications

Application for Admission Form

We are pleased to offer an online application system. If you complete the online application, you will not need to submit a paper application form, but we will still need your official documents before you register. Before you start your application, you should check whether or not you will need to provide any additional, departmentally required documents.

Application Fee

$100 is required for each application you submit, payable by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) when applying online. If you are unable to do so, you may also pay by cheque, money order, or bank wire, although it's important to note that your application will not be received or evaluated until payment for your application is received.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Proficiency in English can be demonstrated prior to admission by:

Transcript Requirements

Transcripts are required from ALL recognized, post-secondary institutions attended, whether or not a degree has been awarded. For initial assessment purposes only, copies of unofficial transcripts (uploaded to your application) are acceptable and preferred. Official transcripts will only be required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies if you are recommended for admission. All official transcripts are to be sent directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. To be considered official, transcripts must arrive in envelopes that have been sealed and endorsed (stamped across the back flap) by the Main Records Office of the issuing institution. All international transcripts must be accompanied by degree certificates that indicate that the degree has been awarded.

Official University of Manitoba transcripts are not required. If you have access to your Aurora Student account you may upload a web transcript. If not, an Admissions Assistant will add a copy of your transcript to your file for you.

If the transcript is issued in a language other than English (and is not from a Canadian institution) the applicant must arrange for the submission of official literal translations of all records. The original language documents and the English translations must arrive together in an envelope that has been sealed and endorsed (stamped across the back flap) by the issuing institutions. All academic documents must arrive directly from the main records office (e.g., the Registrar, Controller of Examinations, Archives, etc.) of the issuing institution in order to be considered "official."

Other Supporting Documentation

  • Name changes/differences on documentation must be supported with official evidence.
  • Other supporting documentation may include: a copy of your CV; a statement of interest; sample of writing, etc. Please check your program to see if you need to provide any additional documents.
  • A copy of birth certificate or passport (once admitted).

Most departments/units require reference letters in support of an application. Applicants are able to manage reference letters electronically in the application Self-Service Centre.

Application Fraud or Misconduct

It should be noted that the commission of application fraud or misconduct may result in acceptance and registration being withdrawn and the applicant disqualified from consideration, not only in the year of application, but also in all subsequent sessions. If discovered in a subsequent session it may result in dismissal from the university. Application fraud or misconduct includes, but is not limited to, the following:

• Failure to declare attendance at another post-secondary institution;

• Presenting falsified academic documentation or causing or encouraging another person to falsify records through translation or data changes;

• Presenting falsified personal documentation, e.g. using a false name, date of birth, country of origin, etc.;

• Presenting falsified or fictitious reference documentation;

• Cheating on or having another person write a standardized entry exam such as TOEFL, MCAT, LSAT, DAT, GMAT or CAEL;

• Presenting another person's standardized test score as one's own to falsify a test result; and

• Failure to report suspensions from another post-secondary institution.