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Applying Online

I submitted my application; can I make any changes to it?

No. Much like a paper application, once your application is submitted you are no longer able to change your application information. To make any changes to your application, please email with your changes, your name as it appears on your application and your Applicant ID.

I’ve attended more than one post-secondary institution. How do I add another institution to my application?

Simply click on ‘Add Another Response’ found at the bottom of the ‘Previous Post-Secondary Institutions Attended’section.

I cannot find my University in your institution list. What do I do?

First, in the University / College Name box in the Previous Post-Secondary Institutions Attended section, try searching for country name, or a part of the university name, as the institution may not be entered as you may expect (certain institutions may go by multiple names or even acronyms). If you are unable to locate your institution, please follow the instructions shown on this image.

If you have more than one university that is not in our list, please be sure you enter two separate education entries that have ‘University Not Listed’ as the school name, then enter both university names in the University / College Name textbox under the University Not Listed section. Upon submission and payment of your application we will add these institutions to our list and update your record.

I attended a college that is affiliated to a university. Should I list the college or university name in my education history?

If you attended a college that is associated with a university, you should list the university in the education history.

For example, if you attended Jawahar Engineering College, which is affiliated to Anna University, you should list Anna University in your education history, not Jawahar Engineering College

I already submitted my application, but I need to change my recommender's email address. What should I do?

If you have already submitted your application and need your recommender's email address changed, or a different recommender added altogether, please email with the appropriate information.

My recommender is saying that they did not receive the recommendation request email. What should I do?

First, try re-sending the invitation email by logging into your Self-Service Centre, clicking ‘Summary’ next to your application and then ‘Resend’ next to the recommender. Ask your recommender to check their Junk Folder to see if the email was delivered there. Additionally, we suggest your recommender add ‘’ to their safe senders list.

If this doesn’t work please have your recommender(s) email directly and we will ensure they get an email containing the link.

I need to remove one recommender and add another one, how can I do this?

If you have already submitted your application you must email with the name of the recommender you wish to remove and the name and email of the new recommender. If you have not submitted your application you may follow the instructions outlined here to change your recommender

Can I get a copy of the letter my recommender submitted in support of my application?

No. The referee process is a confidential process. All letters of recommendations are provided to the University of Manitoba in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with the applicant.

How do I change my email address?

If you have been admitted into a program your email address should be changed through your Aurora Student account. If you are still awaiting an admission decision you will need to email to have your email address changed.

How do I change my preferred name?

If you have already submitted your application and need to change your preferred name, please log into your Self-Service Centre account and click your name in the right-hand corner, and then ‘Profile’.

I forgot my user ID or password. How can I reset it?

To reset your user ID or password please use the ‘Forgot your User Name or Password?’ link on the Self-Service Centre.

What are the departmental application deadlines?

Departmental application deadlines vary; therefore we suggest you contact the department directly for further details.

Where can I find my Applicant ID?

Your applicant ID can be found at the bottom of all email correspondence. This ID is issued to you upon submission of your application.

How much does the application fee cost?

The application fee is $100 CDN. Please note, Physician Assistant Studies and Preventive Dental Sciences (Orthodontics) charge an additional application fee of $25 and $50 respectively.

Submitting Documents

What documents are required to apply?

For a list of requirements please see our Programs Page, and select the appropriate department. 

I uploaded my documents, should I mail them in?

No. If you uploaded your documents to your Self-Service Centre there is no need to mail/email them.

What type of documents can I upload?

.zip and .rar files are not accepted, or any other type of compressed file formats.

I submitted my application without uploading my unofficial transcripts. Can I still upload them?

Yes. Log into your Self-Service Centre, click the ‘Applications’ tab and then on the ‘Summary’ button associated with your application. Under the Requirements heading you will see a list of required documents. To the right of the document is an upload button. If an upload button is not present it means a document has already been uploaded for this item.

Where do I send admissions documents, such as official transcripts and any documents that I'm unable able to upload?

Please have official documents sent to:

Faculty of Graduate Studies
500 University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada

*Please note, portfolios (Music) should be mailed directly to the department

I would like to upload my degree certificate with my transcript, how do I do that?

Please combine your transcript and degree certificate into one file (using Adobe Reader or similar program) and upload the combined file to the appropriate upload button.

I completed a degree or took courses at the University of Manitoba; do I need to submit an official University of Manitoba transcript?

No. Official University of Manitoba transcripts are not required. However, you must still declare you attended the University of Manitoba. If you have access to your Aurora Student account you may upload a web transcript. If not, an Admissions Assistant will add a copy of your transcript to your file for you.

I started taking courses at the University of X, but I withdrew and then completed my degree at the University of Y, do you still need my University of X transcript?

Yes. Every applicant must provide the Faculty of Graduate Studies with a COMPLETE academic/post-secondary history. This means that if you were ever registered at an academic institution (i.e. as a Visiting Student, Special Student, Occasional Student, Exchange Student, Auditing courses, etc.) we will require transcripts from those institutions, even if they were transferred onto your home university’s transcript and/or you withdrew from an institution altogether.

I am having trouble uploading my documents to the Self-Service Centre. What should I do?

For assistance, please visit our Document Upload Instructions webpage.

I would like to apply for the UMGF. Does my department offer a UMGF? If so, how do I apply?

Information regarding the UMGF and how to apply can be found on your application in the section 'Funding and Awards'.

*Please note, this information only applies to those who are applying for the UMGF at the same time they are seeking admission to a graduate program. If you are already admitted to a graduate program (or are a current grad student) please contact your department for information on how to apply.

I have been admitted, how do I submit my official transcripts and degree certificates?

Copies of official transcripts and degree certificates (if applicable) should be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies in sealed, endorsed envelope (stamped across the back flap) by the same office stamping the documents. Please note, transcripts, degree certificates, and all other documents listed on your admission letter must be submitted directly to Graduate Studies prior to course registration. For more information please review your decision letter located in your Self-Service Centre.

My references provided me with paper recommendation letters. Can I upload these?

No. Recommendation letters must be uploaded using our online system. We will not accept or upload paper copies of recommendation letters.

Submitting Test Scores

Do I need to submit an English Language Test score?

If you have not obtained a degree and/or secondary school diploma from one of the countries on our exemption list then yes, you will be required to submit an acceptable English Language Test score. Please refer to our English Language proficiency requirements for more information on accepted tests, minimum scores and exempted countries.

I need to submit an official TOEFL score, what is the institution code for the University of Manitoba?

The institution code is 0973.

Do you accept my "best score" from TOEFL?

No, we only consider individual tests.

Do I need to submit a GRE or GMAT?

Some departments do require that you submit a GRE or GMAT score. To find out if a particular department requires a GRE or GMAT score please visit our Required Documentation for Applications webpage. For information on the minimum scores needed, please contact the department directly.




Making Payments

I would like to pay via cheque, money order, Global Pay or via – how can I do this?

To pay via cheque, money order, GlobalPay, or you will want to select the payment option ‘Cheque / Money Order / Global Pay /’ during the submission process. After submission of your application you will receive an email that will contain full details on how to pay. Please allow up to two business days for receipt of this email. Additional information on Global Pay and can be found below.

What types of credit cards do you accept?

We accept online credit card payments from Visa and MasterCard only.

What is your Global Pay information?

To obtain Global Pay payment instructions please email, and include your Applicant ID and full name. For further details please call 204.474.9433.

Please include your email address; Applicant ID; full name as it appears on your application and indicate 'Application Fee' to avoid any delays in applying your payment. Please note it can take up to five business days for the University to receive your payment.

How do I pay the application fee via

Please visit and enter University of Manitoba as the Institution name, select your payment method. Please be sure to select 'Application Fees' as your payment type to avoid delays. You will then be asked to enter basic information, including your Student ID. If you do not have a University of Manitoba Student ID yet, please enter your Applicant ID. Your Applicant ID, which starts with 'GS', can be found on all email communications. Please note it can take up to five business days for the University to receive your payment.

For full instructions on how to pay your application fee via please see Financial Services website.

I would like an invoice for my application fee. How can I obtain one?

You can print an invoice via your Self-Service Centre. Once logged in, click ‘Applications’, ‘Summary’ and then click ‘Print’ under the Invoice heading.

My credit card is repeatedly declined

If your payment is unsuccessful (i.e., repeatedly declined, keep receiving an error code, etc.) it may be that you are in a country from which payments are restricted.

The list of restricted payment countries is not determined at our discretion, but is based on regulatory restrictions put in place by our banking partners and generally based on Government Legislation. As such, these are restrictions that Canadian Payment Processors must adhere to.

If your credit card details have been entered correctly, and you have confirmed that your credit card is active and has sufficient funds available, then it is possible that due to your country of residence you are unable to complete your payment via credit card. In this case, you will need to send a cheque or money order to pay your application fee.

Please follow these steps to complete your payment:

  1. Log in to the Self-Service Centre. Click the Applications button, then click Summary. 
  2. Under the Invoices tab, click Make Payment under the Actions column. 
  3. Complete the information as required, then click Submit Payment.

How can I obtain a waiver code for my application fee?

Waiver codes are only available to those who are 65 years of age or older at time of application.

Application Status

What is the status of my application?

To find out the status of your application please log in to the Self-Service Centre, then click the Applications button.  What does the status mean? (PDF)

My application is submitted and paid for, and I just uploaded a new document to my file. How long until my application is updated?

If your application is submitted and your application fee is paid, any documents uploaded after you submitted will be assessed within 3-5 business days. Once all documents are marked as ‘Received’ your application status will be marked as complete.

How will I know when a decision has been made on my application?

Once a decision has been made on your file you will be notified via email.

Will I receive a hard copy of my admission letter?

No. The Faculty of Graduate Studies only issues letters electronically. Your admission letter can be viewed/printed from the Self-Service Centre.

International Students

Do I need an official, hard copy of my admission letter to apply for a study permit?

No. All students are able to apply for a study permit by printing off a copy of the electronic admission letter that is available in your Self-Service Centre.

I need assistance obtaining a study permit / visa, who should I talk to?

For detailed information about Citizenship and Immigration Canada regulations and application procedures, please consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Do I even need a study permit?

For more information please visit the International Centre website.

Accept/Decline Admission Offer

I was offered admission at the University of Manitoba, how do I accept (or decline)?

To accept (or decline) your offer please log in to the Self-Service Centre. Click on the link next to Decisions (e.g., Final Admission) to view your letter. Within your letter of offer, please click on the Enroll button on the top right of the screen. This link will open a form in which you can accept or decline your offer.

I am unsure if I accepted or declined my offer. How can I check?

There are two ways you can check:

  1. In the Self-Service Centre, select ‘Summary’ next to the appropriate application.
    a. Scroll to the subsection ‘Decisions’ – your Enrollment Status will be noted as ‘Accept’, ‘Decline’, or blank.
  2. In the Self-Service Centre, select the decision (example, Final Admission).
    a. Within the decision letter scroll to the first sub-section labeled ‘Admission’. Your Acceptance of Offer Status will be noted as ‘Accepted Offer’, ‘Declined Offer’, or ‘Pending’.

More Questions?

My question is still not answered. Who should I contact?

If you need further assistance you can contact our office via email at or via phone 204.474.9377.