Graduate Course Deletions

Information required  (for Course Deletions only)

  • State reasons for course deletion
  • Indicate effects on current resources – library (can specific holdings be discontinued), faculty reduction or reallocation, space implications, or other implications for the unit.


  1. Download the form for Course Deletions [PDF] 
  2. Fill in the entire form
  3. Course deletions totaling more than 9 credit hours are to be approved by the Senate Planning and Priorities Committee (SPPC). If your deletions total more than 9 credit hours, please append a statement from the unit Head indicating how resources will be allocated to cover the increase in teaching load to deliver the courses.
  4. Once the Course Deletion(s) has been approved by the appropriate bodies in your unit/faculty, please send the original completed form to:

Louise Simard, Acting Dean
Faculty of Graduate Studies,
500 University Centre