Calculating Canadian/US GPAs

Determine the equivalent of 2 years of study (60 credit hours at U of M).  Look at the back of the transcript to determine the system that the specific university uses (i.e. credit hour system, quarter hours system, semester hour system, etc.) and count back to the equivalent of 60 credit hours.

Check for any repeated courses (use the highest grade received for the course in the calculation). Do not include the other grades for that course in the calculation.

If you come to a session that has more credit hours available than you need, use the highest level courses, then courses with the highest grades.

For example, if the student has taken the following courses:

25.701 (3)  ‘B’
25.305 (3)  ‘C+’
24.406 (3)  ‘A’
16.701 (3)  ‘B+’
25.704 (3)  ‘C+’
and you only need 6 credit hours, Graduate Studies will use 16.701 and 25.701 because they are the highest level courses with the highest grades.

Assign grade point (GP) values to each grade (ie: A+=4.5, B=3.0, etc.)

If the grades are not letter grades, refer to the back of the transcript or the Canadian GPA Equivalent Table for the equivalent letter grade.

Multiply the GP value by the credit hour for each specific course (e.g., a 3 credit hour course where the grade is ‘B+’ would be 3 (credit hour) X 3.5 (GP value) = 10.5 (GP sum)).  Do this for all grades to be included in the calculation.

Add the GP sums and divide by the number of credit hours used in the calculation (e.g., 210 (sum of GP sums) divided by 60 (sum of credit hours in calculation) = 3.5 (grade point average “GPA”) in the last two years of study (equivalent to 2 years)

Note:  These guidelines indicate how the Faculty of Graduate Studies would calculate the GPA in the last 2 years of study.  As the department may be looking for specific courses that have been taken, the department’s procedure may differ from these guidelines.