Jennifer Lawson

Name: Jennifer E. Lawson
Department: Educational Administration, Foundations, and Psychology
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship. 2007-2008
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship 2005-2006, 2006-2007

Research Area: Inner City School Leadership
As a former teacher and principal who worked in Winnipeg’s inner city schools for two decades, I have become passionate about the value of education in breaking the cycle of poverty for our youth. In our inner city, educators work tirelessly to this end, in hopes of offering their students hope for a bright future. My research focuses on the role of leaders in inner city schools, their experiences, and their professional learning.

My study uses an action research orientation to investigate cooperative inquiry as a strategy for professional learning of inner-city school administrators in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The study will attempt to identify the central issues of concern for school leaders in high-poverty communities. It will also examine the use of dialogue as a means of constructing knowledge regarding these issues, and will identify the ways in which such knowledge impacts upon the professional practice of these administrators.

Outside of my doctoral studies, I am a professional writer working on an extensive series of resource guides for teachers. With a team of writers, we have published Hands On Science for grades 1-7, Hands On Social Studies for grades 1-6, and Hands On Mathematics for grades 1-4 (Portage and Main Press). We are currently developing a new series entitled Hands On for English Language Learners.