Registration for Fall & Winter Terms

Registration access times should be available in early July.

Student Responsibilities:

It is the students' responsibility to ensure that all pre-registration approvals are completed and that all pre-requisites and advisor blocks have been removed prior to the registration access period. Most students who do not complete this requirement will experience an Advisor hold when they access Aurora Student.

Aurora Student:

Familiarize yourself with Aurora Student, the University of Manitoba's online registration and academic record management system.

See: Using Aurora Student for more information

Things to Consider Prior to Your Registration Time:

  1. Academic Program Requirements- this information can be found in the Academic Calendar.

  2. Course Schedule and Timetable: Note: The only time you will receive a refund is if you drop your course within the Registration Revision Period, in which case you will receive 100% of your tuition back. For more information on this policy, please see the Registrar's Office website.

  3. Repeating a Course - Students repeating a course will be sunject to Limited Access for 3 consecutive terms after the previous attempt. For more information on Limited Access, please visit the Registrar's Office website.

    If you have passed the limited access period, please submit the Limited Access Exemption Request Form to the Riddell Dean's Office, 440 Wallace, or to to lift the restriction.

  4. Prerequisites - be sure you have the necessary prerequisites before you try to register for a course. Prerequisites are in place to assist students to academically succeed. If you feel you have grounds for a professor to waive a prerequisite, you may start by e-mailing the professor and asking for a prerequisite waiver.  If you have received a prerequisite waiver, ensure the permission gets to an Academic Academic advisor so that the permission can be loaded. Emails from the instructor must be forwarded to for the permission to get loaded.

  5. Department Head Approval - some courses require 'department head approval'. Start by e-mailing the professor of the course and ask permission to complete the course. The professor will want to know what program and year you are in and why you want to take their course.  If you have received the permission to take the course, ensure the permission gets to an Academic advisor so that the permission can be loaded. Emails from the instructor must be forwarded to for the permission to get loaded.
  6. Focus Area Brochure - if you are in the Environmental Science or Environmental Studies program use the Focus Area Brochure brochure can be used for (a) selecting a focus area or (b) reviewing the list of relevant courses. The rule of thumb is if it's on the list under a focus area, it may be used towards the focus area courses. If you find a course that you feel is relevant to your focus area - but not on the list, please email an advisor and indicate why you feel it is relevant. If you complete a course that is not on the list under your focus area and do not get Advisor permission - the course may be counted as elective credit.

  7. Determining Access Time and Holds: To determine your access time, log in to Aurora Student. Go to: Enrolment & Academic Records --> Registration --> Registration Time & Status. While on this page you should also check to see if:
    • your current curriculum (program) information is correct;
    • you have any Holds that will prevent registration (including Advisor Holds for students in specific programs);
    • your academic status prevents registration (e.g. academic suspension);
    • your record is not currently active due to an absence from university;
    • if you have a Hold that prevents registration, click the "View Holds" link at the bottom of the page to see what type of Hold has been applied.
  1. Online Registration Tutorials- if you are a new (or transfer) student to the University of Manitoba and require assistance with  registering, please visit Online Registration Tutorials.
  1. Aurora Student Error Messages - potential errors during registration can be found here. A very common error not on the list is 'an advisor is reviewing your file'- this means the system is busy, try again later!


I Have My Courses for Fall and Winter picked out - Now What?

Riddell students in any of the following programs must obtain written departmental approval for their Fall & Winter course selection:

Direct Entry students
Bachelor of Arts in Geography - Advanced or Honours
Bachelor of Environmental Science - all programs
Bachelor of Environmental Studies - all programs
Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography - all programs
Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences (Geology or Geophysics) (Major or Honours).

Note: Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts (Geography) General degree program and the Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences (General) are not required to have their course selections approved before their registration access period.

Note: Students interested in transferring between degree programs (i.e. switching from a Major to Honours, or from the B.Env.Sc. to B.Env.St.) must acquire the approval via the student advisor in 440 Wallace Building.

You can receive approval by:

Faculty Student Advisors are available on a drop-in basis from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at 440 Wallace Building.

Once you obtain approval for course selection, complete your registration through Aurora Student.

We look forward to helping you!