Declaring a Graduation Date

Riddell Faculty students are encouraged to declare a grad date as early as possible, and to come to the Dean's Office, 440 Wallace, to have a Student Advisor review your graduation requirements.

 Riddell Graduation FAQ | Applying to Graduate | Graduation Photos

Refer to the following links from the Registrar's office:
Applying to Graduate
Receiving information about Graduation
Frequently Asked Questions About Convocation

 Riddell Graduation FAQ:

Q: I just received an email from the convocation office regrading what my parchment will say and it doesn't have co-op on it!

A: The convocation office only verifies your degree - which is i.e Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Bachelor of Environmental Science or Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography (Major or Honours). The cooperative education option is part of your program, i.e. Environmental Studies (Major Co-op). The parchment will note the cooperative education option underneath the degree name in a second line. If you are unsure if your program is correct, contact a Student Advisor in the Faculty Dean's Office.

Applying to Graduate

Every candidate for a degree, diploma or certificate must make a formal application at the beginning of the session in which they expect to complete graduation requirements, before the last date of the registration revision period.

Undergraduate students need to declare their intent to graduate.  This can be done on-line through Aurora.  (Log into Aurora, select “Enrolment and Academic Records”, select “Declarations”, and follow the instructions.  If the date you wish to graduate does not appear, you will need to contact a Student Advisor in the Dean's Office, 440 Wallace, for assistance.; you may have missed the online application deadline).

The deadline date for declaring your intention is the end of the revision period in the term in which you expect to complete your courses.  For example:

  • for Spring graduation, declare by mid January
  • for Fall graduation, declare by late July/early August
  • for February graduation, declare by mid September

See ‘Important Dates’ for the specific deadlines for declaring graduation.

If require assistance declaring your grad date, please contact a Student Advisor in the Dean's Office, 440 Wallace, for assistance.

Graduation Photos:

Lifetouch will be resuming Graduation Photo Sessions at the Winnipeg Studio location for University Graduates at Unit # 3 - 1410 Mountain Avenue on March 8 - 12, March 15 - 19 and March 22 - 26.

To book your photo appointment, you must book online only.
Please visit the following online link:
**You will need to select "Lifetouch Photo Studio Winnipeg" in the drop-down menu.**

If you missed these dates, and you would like to take a grad picture, please call LifeTouch directly at 204-272-3500 for a studio appointment.