Dr. Vaclav Smil


N306 Duff Roblin

I am a life-long interdisciplinarian, a natural approach when doing research on energy and its interactions with the environment, economy and food production and its impact on the quality of life and political and strategic matters. The key topics I have worked on since the 1960s include air pollution from large coal-fired plants, history of the global energy use and its environmental impacts (including the emissions of greenhouse gases), hydrocarbon resources and their extraction (including the peak oil controversy), renewable energy conversions (particularly biomass energies, hydroenergy and wind), history of prime movers (combustion engines, steam and gas turbines), interactions between energy and the economy (including energy intensities and developmental correlates), risk assessment of energy uses and conversions and criticism of long-range energy forecasting and energy cost of food production. I have also applied many of these approaches to my work on China’s energy, environment and economy. My most recent work looks both back (examining the role of technical innovations in the formation of modern world) and forward (assessing the global catastrophic risks and trends of the next 50 years).

As of 2008 I have published (or have in press) 27 books and about 350 papers in nearly 100 different periodicals; every year I also give many lectures on energy, environmental, economic and historical topics to workshops, conferences and audiences in North America, Europe and Asia. During my time at the University of Manitoba I have taught courses on energy, atmospheric change, China, population and economic development.



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