Dr. Jeffrey Masuda

Assistant Professor

Department of Environment and Geography
220 A Sinnott Building

of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 2N2

Tel: (204) 272-1643
Fax: (204) 474-7699


PhD (Human Geography); MSc (Health Promotion Studies) University of Alberta
Postdoctoral Fellow McMaster, UBC,
University of Toronto

Research Interests

Dr. Masuda’s program of research is primarily focused on developing innovative methodologies that incorporate art, technology, and dialogue to uncover deeply entrenched inequities within environmental governance structures and working at individual, community, and policy levels to overcome them. His two primary areas of research currently include (1) the mobilization of communities to promote environmental justice in Canadian inner cities (Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg) and (2) promoting asthma and allergy resilient communities in rural and aboriginal youth to overcome geographic and social barriers to health services and supports (Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia). In the larger context, Jeff is interested in building an integrated, transdisciplinary approach to the theorization, empirical analysis, and praxis of environmental justice in the Canadian context. Other areas of research interest include the geography of environmental risk and risk communication, environmental health promotion, knowledge translation/mobilization, critical social theory, and community-based participatory research. Dr. Masuda is co-founding organizer of the Canadian Network on Environment, Health, and Social Equity, and Co-Deputy Director of the Research Interest Group on Environmental Health Justice in the City.


Other Interests

Jeff grew up near Edmonton, Alberta and has lived in five Canadian provinces over the past ten years. He is an avid whitewater paddler and has been spotted on rivers in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, California, and Washington State. He looks forward to becoming a part of Manitoba’s whitewater community on his arrival to Winnipeg in the summer of 2009.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Masuda, J.R., and Crabtree, A. Environmental justice in the therapeutic inner city. Accepted February 2010 in Health and Place.

Masuda, J.R., Creighton, G., Nixon, S., and Frankish, C.J. Building capacity for community-based, participatory research for health
disparities in Canada. Accepted July 2009 in Health Promotion Practice.

Masuda, J.R., Robinson, K., Elliott, S.J., and Eyles, J. Disseminating Chronic Disease Prevention ‘to or with’ Canadian Public Health Systems. Accepted February 2009 in Health Education and Behavior.

Masuda, J.R., Baxter, J., and Poland, B. Reaching for environmental health justice through health promotion. Accepted November 2008 in Health Promotion International.

Masuda, J.R., Robinson, K., Elliott, S.J., and Eyles, J. Health promotion and the politics of scale in Canadian health reform. Accepted November 2008 in the Journal of Health and Social Policy.

Masuda, J.R., McGee, T., and Garvin, T.D. (2008). Power, knowledge, and citizenship in public engagement: The case of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, 10, 4, 359-380.

Masuda, J.R., Zupancic, T., Poland, B., and Cole, D. (2008). Environmental health and vulnerable populations in Canada: Mapping an integrated equity-focused research agenda. The Canadian Geographer, 54, 4.

Masuda, J.R., and Garvin, T.D. (2008). Whose Heartland? The politics of place in a rural-urban interface. The Journal of Rural Studies, 24, 112-123.

Masuda, J.R., and Garvin, T.D. (2006). Place, culture, and the social amplification of risk. Risk Analysis, 26, 2, 437-454.

Masuda, J.R., and Varghese, J. (2005). Space, the Canadian Frontier? Landscape and Canadian Identities. Chapter 6, In, Consuming Sustainability: Critical Social Analysis of Ecological Change. Fernwood, Winnipeg.

Key Websites

Canadian Network on Environment, Health, and Social Equity (www.cnehse.ca)

Research Interest Group on Environmental Health Justice in the City (www.ehjic.ca)

Canadian Association of Geographers Geography of Health and Healthcare Study Group (www.caghealth.ca)

Courses Taught in 2009/10

GEOG 4290      Geography of Health and Health Care
GEOG 1280      Introduction to Human Geography

Employment/Student Opportunity

Engaging Manitoba First Nations families affected by asthma in supporteducation program development