Dr. Julienne Stroeve


476 Wallace Building

Email: Julienne.Stroeve@umanitoba.ca

Senior Canada-150 Research Chair in Climate Forcing of Sea Ice - seven years

The world has turned its attention to the Arctic, largely because of the rapidly shrinking sea ice cover. The increase in open water area is already having profound impacts on the energy and freshwater balance of the Arctic. The University of Manitoba's Senior Canada-150 Research Chair will use satellite and in situ data, Indigenous knowledge, community-based monitoring and climate models to improve our understanding of the climate forcing of sea ice and how changes in sea ice contribute to the large-scale freshwater marine coupling of the Arctic Ocean.  The Canada-150 program will examine coupling between marine, terrestrial and glacial reservoirs of freshwater and how changes couple across these sources.  This will illuminate our understanding large-scale weather and ocean circulation patterns, polar ecosystems, marine biogeochemistry, the livelihoods of coastal communities, marine activity and resource extraction.