E&G Graduate Student Association

From left to right: Lisa Matthes, William Dowie, Nolan Snyder, Tonya Burgers, Madison Harasyn, Kaushik Gupta

Not in the picture: Hannah Bihun

President: Lisa Matthes

Vice-President: Madison Harasyn

Secretary: Kaushik Gupta

Treasurer/Event coordinator: Tonya Burgers, Nolan Snyder

Faculty representative: William Dowie

Department representative: Hannah Bihun


The Environment and Geography Graduate Student Association is your voice within the University of Manitoba Graduate Student Association (UMGSA). We represent our department in general meetings and sit in internal committees which provide responsibilities such as organizing internal funds or giving out student awards of the UMGSA. If you have concerns about your graduate program, we are there to bring them up within the department, faculty or UMGSA.

We also organize social events to have a fun time and bring graduate students of our department together. So, look out for posters about events like board games night or ice skating on the Red River.

Our student association gets re-elected every year in the beginning of the fall term. If you are interested in becoming an active member, talk to one of us and we will give you all the details.

The UMGSA offer a lot of services and information for graduate students. They are allocating full scholarships, providing conference travel funds and organize regular events to give you the best start at the University of Manitoba. If you want to know more, follow this link: