Dr. Mostafa Fayek

Department of Geological Sciences
University of Manitoba
240 Wallace Bldg.
125 Dysart Rd.
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2
Telephone: (204) 474-7982 (W), (204) 474-7623 (fax), Lab: (204) 474-7124, (865) 696-2785 (C)
E-mail: fayek@cc.umanitoba.ca

Academic Background:

1991-1996 Ph.D., Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry, Univ. Saskatchewan
1986-1989 B.Sc. Honors, Geology and Chemistry, Carleton University

Research Expertise:

• Isotope Geochemistry
• Mineral Deposits
• Environmental Mineralogy
• Archaeometry

Current Research:

• Uranium deposits
• Beryllium Deposits
• Gold Deposits
• Uranium Mine Tailings
• Gem Mineral Provenance
• Pre-historic Trade-networks

Undergraduate Teaching:

Mineral Deposits

Graduate Teaching:

Isotope Geochemistry
Mineral Deposits

Recent Publications:

Fayek, M., 2013, Uranium Ore Deposits: A review. In Uranium: Cradle to Grave, (eds. P.C. Burns and G. Sigmon). Mineralogical Association of Canada, v. 43, p. 121-147.

Hull, S.K., Fayek, M., Mathien, F.J., 2013, Turquoise trade of the ancestrial puebloans.  In Proceedings of the 13th Southwest Symposium.  University Press of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, in press.

Clark, C.M., Lussier, A.J., Fayek, M., Hawthorne, F.C. and Grice, J., 2013, Redefinition of uvite, Ca Mg3 (Al5Mg) Si6 O18 (BO3)3 (OH)3 (OH), a mineral of the tourmaline supergroup from the Brumado Mine, Bahia, Brazil: description and crystal structure.  Can Min, in press.

ten Bruggencate, R.E. and Fayek, M., Brownlee, K., Milne, S.B., Hamilton, S., 2013, A combined visual-geochemical approach to establishing provenance for pegmatite quartz artifacts. J. Arch. Sci., v. 40, p. 2702-2712.

Last, F. M., Last, W. M., Fayek, M. and Halden, N. M., 2013, Occurrence and significance of a cold water carbonate pseudomorph in microbialites from a saline lake. J. Paleolimnology, in press.

Tang, Y-Y., Bi, X-W., Fayek, M., Wu, L-Y., Zuo, Z-C, Feng, C-X., Wang, X-S., 2013, Microscale sulfur isotopic compositions of sulfide minerals from the Jinding Zn-Pb deposit, Yunnan Province, Southwest China: constraints on ore genesis.  Gondwana Research, in press.

Othmane, G., Allard, T., Menguy, N., Vercouter, T., Morin, G., Esteve, I., Fayek, M., Calas, G., 2013, Uranium association with iron-bearing phases in mill tailings from Gunnar, Canada.  ES & T, in press.

Bridge N.J., Banerjee, N.R., Pehrsson, S., Fayek, M., Finnigan, C.S., Ward, J., Berry, A, 2012, The Lac Cinquante Uranium Deposit, Churchill Province, Nunavut, Canada.  Explor. Mining Geol., in press.

Hull, S.K. and Fayek, M., 2012, Cracking the code of pre-Columbian turquoise trade networks and procurement strategies.  In Turquoise in Mexico and North America.  Archetype Publications in association with the British Museum, p. 29-40.

Bergen, L. and Fayek, M., 2012, Petrography and geochronology of the Pele Mountain Quartz-Pebble Conglomerate Uranium Deposit, Elliot Lake District, Canada.  Am. Min., v.97, p.1274-1283.

Brady, M.P., Keiser, J.R., More, K.L., Fayek, M., Walker, L.R., Peascoe-Meisne, R.A., Anovitz, L.M., Wesolowski, D.J., and Cole, D.R., 2012.  Comparison of short-term oxidation behavior of model and commercial chromia-forming ferritic stainless steels in dry and wet air.  Oxidation of Metals, v.78, p.1-16.

Othmane, G., Allard, T., Menguy, N., Vercouter, T., Morin, G., Esteve, I., Fayek, M., Calas, G., 2012, Evidence for nanocrystals of vorlanite, a rare uranate mineral, in the Nopal I low-temperature uranium deposit (Sierra Peña Blanca, Mexico)., Am. Min., in press.

Angiboust, S., Fayek, M., Camacho, A., Calas, G., 2012, Cenozoic uraniferous geothermal systems and biogenic uraninite from the Sierra Peña Blanca, Mexico. Ore Mineral. Deposita, v. 47, p. 859-874.
ten Bruggencate, R.E. and Fayek, M., 2012, Geochemical characterization of quartz quarries in the Churchill River Basin of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Ontario Archaeology, in press.

Odoh, S.O., Pan, Q-J., Shamov, G.A., Wang, F., Fayek, M., Schreckenbach, G., 2012, Theoretical study of the reduction of uranium (VI) aquo-complexes on titania particles and by alcohols.  Chem Eur J., v.18, p.7117-7127.
Fayek, M., Anovitz, L.M., Allard, L.F., Hull, S.K., 2012, Framboidal iron oxide: Chondrite-like material from the black mat, Murray Springs, Arizona. EPSL, v.319-320, p. 251-258.