Dr. Ian Ferguson

Dr. Ian Ferguson
Electromagnetic Geophysics
233 Wallace Building
(204) 474-9154


  • Ph.D., Australian National University
  • B.Sc., Australian National University


  • Electromagnetic geophysics
  • Geological interpretation of Earth electrical resistivity


  • Magnetotelluric studies in the Canadian Precambrian shield 
  • Electromagnetic studies of mineral, groundwater, and geo-environmental  targets
  • Electromagnetic geophysical studies in HVDC electrode design


  • Geophysical data analysis and geophysical inverse theory
  • Physics of the Earth
  • Geophysics field school
  • Electromagnetic methods in geophysics
  • Environmental geophysics


  • Assists in operation of University of Manitoba Seismograph, enquiries and interviews on earthquakes and other geophysical topics, outreach for the Department of Geological Sciences


Ferguson, I.J., Young, J.B., Cook, B., Krakowka, A.B.C. & Tycholiz, C., 2016. Surface electromagnetic and magnetic surveys at the Duport shear-hosted gold deposit, Ontario, Canada: relating airborne geophysical responses to small-scale geological features. Interpretation, 4, SH39–SH60.

Tycholiz, C., Ferguson, I.J., Sherriff, B.L., Cordeiro, M., Sri Ranjan, R., & Pérez-Flores, M.A., 2016. Geophysical delineation of salinity and acidity in the Central Manitoba Gold Mine Tailings Pile, Manitoba, Canada. Applied Geophysics, 131, 29-40.

Adetunji, A., Ferguson, I.J., and Jones, A.G. 2015. Re-examination of magnetotelluric responses and electrical anisotropy of the lithospheric mantle in the Grenville Province, Canada. J. Geophys. Res.: Solid Earth, 120, 1890-1908.

Adetunji, A., Ferguson, I.J., and Jones, A.G., 2015. Imaging the mantle lithosphere of the Grenville Province: large-scale electrical resistivity structure. Geophys. J. Int., 201, 1040-1061.

Landry, D.B., Ferguson, I.J., Milne, B.S., and Park, R., 2015. Geophysical survey in a complex Arctic archaeological landscape: a case study from LdFa-1, Baffin Island, Nunavut. Archaeol. Pros., 22, 157-170, DOI: 10.1002/arp.1505.