Can I obtain a copy of a thesis?

There are many ways of obtaining a copy of a thesis.  The easiest way is to request an electronic version through the University of Manitoba's library system.  This can be done by visiting Mspace

Where can I find maps?

Manitoba Conservation, Map Sales

What kind of employment can be found in geology and geophysics?

Most geosciences graduates find employment in the resource industry with petroleum or mining companies or associated service industries.  An increasing proportion of geosciences graduates are being hired by the environmental industry.  Geologists and geophysicists are among a select group of professionals who can move easily from country to country enhancing their employment prospects.
Careers in the minerals industry in Canada may take you anywhere in Canada including the Arctic.  With multi-national corporations, you may request more exotic locations around the world.  Anywhere you go, you will find graduates of our department.
Most graduates work in Alberta, but work can be found across Canada.  Increasingly, the work involves using high-tech computer applications to develop resource exploration strategies.  Field work is less common in the petroleum industry than in the mining industry, but international travel is equally possible.
Opportunities are expanding in the environmental sector, in groundwater systems, waste management, or remote sensing.  Many of the opportunities occur in urban centres, but examination of geological conditions in rural areas or “background” geological surveys as part of environmental impact assessments is also important.
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