Michael Schindler

Associate Professor for Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Research Interests:

Environmental Nano science, Mineral Surface Science, Crystal Chemistry, Transmission Electron Microscopy, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

I am interested in all kinds of nano-scale processes in the environment such as the transport of metals and metal(loid)s as nanoparticles and colloids, their retention by mineral surface coatings and their release during dissolution of minerals.
I specifically study:
1. Mineralogical processes in confined pore spaces of mineral surface coatings and organic matter,
2. The interaction of bacteria with mineral surfaces
3. Dissolution mechanisms of minerals
4. Transport of metals and metal(loids) as nanoparticles and colloids in surficial soils as well as ore deposits
5. Crystallization processes involving nanoparticles
6. Occurrence of nano-size inclusions in minerals and their release during dissolution of their hosts
MSc and BSc theses are available: If you want  to discover Geology at the nanoscale, please contact me at Michael.Schindler@umanitoba.ca


Occurrence of “smoking” goethite nanocrystals
in a mineral surface coating


Selected publications:
81. Schindler, M., Michel, S., Batcheldor, D. and Hochella, M.F. Jr  (2019) A nanoscale study of the formation of Fe-(hydr)oxides in a volcanic regolith: Implications for the understanding of soil forming processes on Earth and Mars. Geochimica et  Cosmochimica Acta (in press).
77. Schindler, M., Mantha, H. and Hochella, M.F. (Jr) (2019) Unexpected incidental nanoparticles in contaminated soils: Pedogenic Zn-, Ni- and Sb-bearing spinel-group minerals. Geochemical Transaction 20, 1-13,
76. Mantha, H. and Schindler, M. and Hochella, M.F. (2019) Occurrence and formation of incidental metallic Cu and CuS nanoparticles in organic-rich contaminated surface soils in Timmins, Ontario. Environmental Science: Nano 6, 163-179.
73. Schindler, M., Lussier, A.J, Principe, E., and Mykytczuk, N. (2018) Dissolution mechanisms of chromitite: Understanding the release and fate of chromium in the environment. American Mineralogist 103, 271–283.
71. Schindler, M., Berti, D. and Hochella, M.F.Jr.  (2017) Previously unknown mineral-nanomineral relationships with important environmental consequences: The case of chromium release from dissolving silicate minerals American Mineralogist 102, 2142–2145.
70. Schindler, M. and Hochella, M.F. (Jr) (2017) Sequestration of Pb- Zn- Sb- and As-bearing incidental nanoparticles in mineral surface coatings and mineralized organic matter in soils. Environmental Sciences: Processes and Impacts (DOI: 10.1039/C7EM00202E)
69. Schindler, M., Lussier, A.J. Bellrose, J., Rouvimov, S., Burns, P.C. and Kyser, K. (2017) A nano-mineralogical study of samples from the Matoush Uranium ore deposit: Further evidence for the mobilization and coalescence of uraninite nanoparticles. American Mineralogist 102, 1776-1787.
68. Yang, Y., Chen, B., Hower, J., Schindler, M., Winkler, C., Brandt J., Di Giulio, R., Ge, J., Liu, M., Fu, Y.,, Zhang, L. Chen, Y , Priya, S.,  Hochella Jr., M.F.(2017) Discovery and ramifications of incidental Magnéli phase generation and release from industrial coal-burning. Nature Communications http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/s41467-017-00276-2
67. Schindler, M. and Singer, D. (2017) Mineral surface coatings: Environmental records at the Nanoscale. Elements 13, 159-164.
66. Schindler, M. and Dorn, R. (2017) Coatings on rocks and minerals: The interface between lithosphere and the bio-, hydro- and atmosphere. Elements 13, 155-158.
65. Schindler, M., Fayek, M, Courchense, B. Kyser, K..and Hawthorne, F.C. (2017) Uranium bearing opals: Products of U-mobilization, diffusion and transformation processes. American Mineralogist 102, 1154-1164.
63. Schindler, M., Lanteigne S., McDonald, A.C. and Hochella, Jr. M.F. (2016) Evidence of Cu- and Ni-bearing surface precipitates and adsorption complexes in remediated soils at the nanoscale: A TEM, micro-Raman and Laser-Ablation ICP-MS study of mineral surface coatings. Canadian Mineralogist 54, 285-309.
62. Schindler, M. and Hochella, M.F. (2016) Nanomineralogy is a new dimension in understanding illusive geochemical processes in soils: The case of low solubility index elements. Geology.44, 515-519.
58. Schindler, M. and Hochella, M.F. (2015) Soil memory in mineral surface coatings: environmental processes recorded at the nanoscale. Geology 43, 415–418.

Contact Information:

413 Wallace Bldg.
University of Manitoba