Alex Crawford

Research Associate

Centre for Earth Observation Science

Department of Environment and Geography  

Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder: Geography (2017)

M.A. University of Colorado Boulder: Geography (2014)

B.A. Colgate University: Geography & Geology (2008)


GEOG 2540: Weather & Climate

Research Interests 

My general research interest is how the complex interactions of various components of the Arctic climate system are changing in response to continued warming. I developed a Lagrangian cyclone detection and tracking algorithm that I apply to questions regarding the development of Arctic storms and how they interact with the land, ocean, cryosphere (e.g., sea ice concentration and snow cover), and biosphere (e.g., phytoplankton productivity). I also predict and analyze seasonal sea ice events (e.g., spring retreat and fall advance dates). I work with a combination of remote sensing products, atmospheric and oceanic reanalyses, and climate models.

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