Laura Castro de la Guardia

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Centre for Earth Observation Science

Supervisor: Dr. C.J. Mundy

Ph.D. University of Alberta: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (research: Modelling Arctic ocean and biogeochemistry)
M.Sc. University of Alberta: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (research: Sea ice and polar bears in Hudson Bay)
B.Sc. Started at the University of Havana (Cuba) and completed at the University of Alberta: Biological Sciences with specialization in ecology (research: Coral reefs and cold lake ecology)

Research Interests

I am interested in the Arctic marine system and how it responds to climate change. I am particularly interested in feed-backs and cause-effect responses that can help measure the vulnerability of the Arctic system to an impose change. This includes understanding the effect of climate warming on air-sea gas exchanges and the marine carbon budget, considering both the physical and the biological components. When doing research, I am particularly keen to combining field data with modelling to gain a more complete understanding of how each system works. Modelling is especially important in the Arctic considering that most of the observations are only collected in summer.

Contact Information