Brooke Milne

Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Department of Anthropology

Adjunct Professor, Department of Geological Sciences

B.A. (Hons) University of Waterloo
M.A. Trent University
Ph.D. McMaster University


Research Interests

Dr. Milne is an archaeological anthropologist specializing in the analysis of northern latitude stone tool-using hunter-gatherer cultures. Her field of expertise is lithic (i.e. stone) technology, with a special focus on debitage (i.e. stone waste flakes). Dr. Milne’s theoretical interests include technological organization and mobility, skill acquisition, social organization, enculturation, and landscape learning. Dr. Milne’s current research integrates geochemical provenance techniques to characterize lithic source areas on southern Baffin Island. Using these sourcing data as proxies for human behaviour, Dr. Milne and her co-investigators are reconstructing ancient seasonal land use patterns among the Palaeo-Eskimo populations that lived in this region. Dr. Milne’s future research, with partnerships through the University of Waterloo and Government of Nunavut, aims to investigate the impacts of climate change on frozen archaeological deposits in Nunavut using non-invasive geophysical surveying instrumentation and 3D laser topographic scanning technology.



N303 A/B Duff Roblin Building and 500 University Centre

(204) 474-6328 and (204) 474-7986


Brooke Milne