Climate Change: Linking Traditional and Scientific Knowledge


Rick Riewe and Jill Oakes

This book is a refereed publication and includes papers written by over 50 community experts and scientists addressing theoretical concerns, knowledge transfer, adapting to climate change, implications of changing weather, water and ice conditions for northerners and wildlife, and the impact of climate change on tourism, fire, and industrial development. Northern communities, politicians, managers, policy makers, scientists, and schools will find valuable insights gained by exploring linkages between traditional and scientific knowledge in the north.

“Climate change is not an abstract ivory tower concept to the peoples of northern Canada; rather it is a very real and important part of their everyday lives. This book provides insights into how traditional and scientific knowledge can act as integrated pedestals supporting our quest to understand and predict the impacts of Arctic climate change.”
Table of Contents (.pdf)  
    285 pages; Price $25.00

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