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Guidelines for authors:

Aboriginal Issues Press produces one volume of refereed papers each year and welcomes scholarly papers relating to Aboriginal issues from all fields of study, including traditional knowledge, social, physical and natural sciences, law, education, architecture, management, medicine, nursing, social work, physical education, engineering, environment, agriculture, art, music, drama, continuing education, and others. Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal authors from a wide range of backgrounds and from all geographic locations are welcome, including: scientists, poets, educators, elders, chiefs, students, and government personnel. All papers (ranging from scientific papers to poetry) are reviewed by scholars working in related areas.

Papers must be submitted in hard copy and on disk (Word) following the APA Writer's Style Manual 5th edition. Maximum paper length is 10 pages, double spaced with 2.5 cm margins, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman. Any photographs, charts or graphs must be provided in camera-ready hard copy format and are included in the 10 page count. Sources are included directly in the text; provide the author and date for paraphrased information, for example (Flett 1937, Graham 2001), and the author date and page number for direct quotations, for example (Boas 1964, 33). Include full references to all sources in a section titled References at the end of the paper; for economy of space footnotes or endnotes will not be included. Capitalize Aboriginal Peoples, Native Peoples and First Nations. Convert all English measurements to metric. Include a 1 sentence biography, a 50 to 75 word abstract, and your return address with your submission. For further information please contact Aboriginal Issues Press.

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