The Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba is the oldest engineering school in western Canada, having celebrated its 100 Year Anniversary in 2007. Over ten-thousand engineers have graduated with at least one degree from the Faculty. The importance of the Price Faculty of Engineering to the Province of Manitoba is best defined by the fact that over 85% of Professional Engineers practicing in the Province of Manitoba are graduates of the Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba.

Whether building better bridges and roads, designing next generation antennas, or growing crystals in a space shuttle flight, expertise within the Price Faculty of Engineering supports innovation and entrepreneurship in the Province and beyond. Faculty members collaborate with universities across the globe, major research organizations, leading manufacturers, public and private utilities, and all levels of government. Research within the Faculty generates external support of approximately $14 million per year from public, private, and government sources.

The Price Faculty of Engineering is recognized internationally for its research achievements in a number of core areas, and is currently home to several Canada Research Chairs and Industrial Research Chairs sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and private industry. The Faculty headquartered a National Centre of Excellence in Intelligent Sensing for Innovative Structures and has participated in three Networks of Centres of Excellence in microelectronics, telecommunications and robotics.


The research mission of the Price Faculty of Engineering is to be the premier research institution in areas of strategic focus which will lead to fundamental discoveries and knowledge that will create societal benefits regionally and worldwide. The Faculty stimulates and promotes its research enterprise by continually striving to increase its research funding from all sources and managing efficient utilization of existing and proposed research infrastructure. The Faculty promotes and stimulates research excellence by fostering a collaborative and supportive research environment for all faculty and staff involved in research and by rewarding and recognizing research achievements.