Working Alone

Price Faculty of Engineering – Procedures for Working Alone

Under the direction of the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba, the University of Manitoba has worked to develop policies and procedures related to health and safety and in particular, working alone or working in isolation. Those working alone or working in isolation not only includes staff but also students and visitors to the University. The Price Faculty of Engineering is taking the steps necessary to eliminate or reduce the identified risks as they relate to our staff and students. In part this is accomplished through education and awareness, but also through assessment of our personal situations.

Please click here and take the time to make yourself familiar with the policy provided by the University.

While the University has a responsibility to address this issue, the importance of self-awareness in terms of personal safety cannot be underestimated. You need to take reasonable care to protect yourself and others. For example, if you are working in an office, a library area or a computer lab with others present and they leave, you may be the only person left. Students and staff should alert their peers when they leave and if alone, you should take whatever steps are necessary to ensure you are safe. That may mean leaving the area or alerting a friend or family member you intend to stay and work but will be leaving at a particular time. If transiting from one university location to another alone or after hours, consider contacting Campus Safewalk (204-474-9312, available 24/7) to be accompanied by security personnel.

The Price Faculty of Engineering has identified areas where students and staff may be at risk if working alone. These areas are clearly identified by entrance signage indicating “Do Not Work Alone without prior authorization”. Prior authorization is obtained by completing the form available here. This form is not complete without the signature of the individual responsible for the area in which you will be working alone and your immediate supervisor. A copy of this completed form must be kept by your supervisor and a completed copy emailed to