Graduation Information

Graduand Information

Planning on graduating this year? Please ensure that you declare your intent to graduate when you are registering in the anticipated final term of your degree.

To declare your graduation date:
1. Log into Aurora Student
2. Select "Enrolment and Academic Records".
3. Select "Declarations".
4. Select "Declare Graduation Date".
5. Select the appropriate date from the drop-down menu and select "Submit".

Students completing all of their course work by the end of a winter term will graduate in May,  after a fall term will graduate in February, and after a summer term will graduate in October.

Please confirm that your contact information is correct in Aurora. Information regarding graduation will be sent to your UofM email address only and parchments for February graduands will be mailed to your home address listed in Aurora.

Run a degree audit in UM Achieve
UM Achieve is an online program that will match your completed and current courses against the degree requirements. Please note that the degree audit is not an official university document.  If you are planning to apply for graduation, please contact our office to ensure that you have completed all requirements. If you have any questions or concerns about an audit, please contact our office.

Log into JUMP, select Student tab and then you should see the UM Achieve tab at the top – click on this and then select UM Achieve on the left side.
If you were accepted into Mechanical Engineering in Fall 2016 or later, you can select “Run Declared Programs” to request an audit in your mechanical program. If you started in Mechanical Engineering before Fall 2016, run a What-If audit on the current program (2016 year). Here are instructions:
In UM Achieve
Click on: Run a What-If Audit
Then select your degree from the drop menu: Engineering – B.Sc. (Mechanical)
Then select Catalog/Calendar Year: Fall 2016
Then click “Run What-If Audit” button near bottom of the screen.
Click here to view on-line UM Achieve tutorials.
Grad Photos
The UMES organizes grad photo sessions through LifeTouch each November and January. All grad photos are put in a grad composite which appears in the halls of Engineering as well as the yearbook.  UMES provides each graduate with a free yearbook. You may also order additional photos through LifeTouch. If you wish to have a grad photo taken, please contact UMES.

Iron Ring Ceremony
The Iron Ring Ceremony is a uniquely Canadian tradition. It is not a religious ceremony and is completely voluntary. However, engineers are only able to wear the iron ring if they take part in the ceremony. Students who have declared their intent to graduate in Aurora and are expected to graduate at the end of the term will automatically be included on the list for the ceremony.  There are two ceremonies held each year, one in November (for February and October grads) and one in March (for May grads). Please contact UMES for more information or visit the Iron Ring (Manitoba) website.

Ordering official final degree transcripts for employment and records purposes can be done on-line through Aurora:

After you log into Aurora select:
Enrolment & Academic Records
Student Records
Academic Transcript
Request Official Transcript On-line

For more information regarding official transcripts, visit the Registrar's Office website.

The U of M Career Services can provide you with helpful information as you begin your job search. Visit their website or office at 474 University Centre to make an appointment with an Employment Advisor.