Student Societies and Design Teams

Student Societies

The University of Manitoba Engineering Society (UMES) is run by Price Faculty of Engineering students who share a desire to unite the approximately 1000 undergraduate students at the U of M who are working towards their degrees in Engineering. The events and services available to members of the Society are created and organized by the UMES Student Council. All positions on the UMES Council are held by volunteer Engineering students who share an interest in improving your Engineering experience. This year’s Council is putting a continued focus on planning events and services for all its members as well as working to represent the interests of Engineering students to the Faculty and University Administration.

For more information on the events and services of UMES, and for links to other Engineering student groups, please visit the UMES website.

Design Teams

The University of Manitoba, Chapter of SAE International (UMSAE) is a technical society that allows students to go beyond textbook theory and apply actual engineering principles to the real world task of designing, building, and testing vehicles. UMSAE participates in annual competitions hosted by SAE International in conjunction with industry partners. For a small annual membership fee, students in engineering and management work together in design teams to apply their skills to all aspects of a real world project including analysis, design, construction, testing, and marketing. Through this process, students gain valuable experience and develop professionalism, teamwork, communication, technical, and project management skills which will help them in finding a job and in pursuing their engineering careers. Students in design teams have access to designated lab work spaces and various pieces of prototyping and testing equipment to design and test new and innovative technologies. 

UMSAE participates in four categories:

  • The AeroDesign team designs and builds a radio-controlled aircraft. The goal of the competition is to lift as much payload as possible given a set of constraints that changes annually. The team is judged on payload lift prediction, oral and written design presentations as well as aircraft performance.
  • Baja members design and build an off-road vehicle powered by a standard 10hp Briggs & Stratton engine. Competition events include a manoeuvrability test, an acceleration run, a rock crawl, and a 4-hour endurance race on a challenging off-road course.
  • The FormulaSAE team designs and constructs a formula-type race car that competes with teams from around the world. The car is judged on its design, cost, and safety. It also participates in dynamic events such as skid pad, acceleration, braking, endurance, and fuel economy.
  • The Formula-ElectricSAE team designs and constructs a formula-type race car similar to the FormulaSAE. The major difference is their completely electric powered drivetrain. This team is judged on design, cost and safety and competes in dynamic events such as skid pad, acceleration, braking, and endurance with teams from around the globe.

For more information about these exciting opportunities, please visit the UMSAE website.