Information for New Undergraduates

Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Department!

Congratulations on a successful first year.  We hope you will find your time with us both challenging and enjoyable. The following information will help you plan your fall and winter timetable, understand how to register for classes using Aurora, and hopefully answer any other questions about being a student at the University of Manitoba!

Step 1: Print off the 4 or 5 year progam and plan your courses accordingly. Some students use a seperate schedule for each term. You may also keep a record of your grade on the same form.

Step 2: Make a fall and winter timetable using the checklists.  Decide how many courses you want to take per term. Please note the Price Faculty of Engineering requires that students registered in fewer than three courses (or 9 credit hours) in a term must be approved by the Department Head.  (See University of Manitoba Calendar, section 3.3)   

Step 3: Check your initial registration access time on your Aurora account (registration date and time is based on your Degree GPA). Registration for all  Engineering students is usually on or after July 15th each year.

  • Login, then click on the Enrolment & Academic Records tab, then click on Registration & Exams, then click on Registration Time & Status.
  • Your registration Date and Time will be assigned to you.  Please check Aurora prior to this to ensure you do not have any holds on your account.

Step 4:  Register for courses on your registration access day using the Aurora Student Registration System:

Step 5:  Pay your tuition before the deadline (check Aurora) and check your booklist

Step 6:  Please familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations that govern the Price Faculty of Engineering at...

Step 7:  Find other information about student life at the University of Manitoba, like how to get a locker, gym pass, or student id card:

Step 8:   If you require additional guidance please contact Kimberley Ormiston via email.

Welcome to MECHANICAL!